Wet Painters
Episode No.: 50a
Airdate: 10.5.2002
Season: Season 3
Previous Episode: Rock-A-Bye Bivalve
Next Episode: Krusty Krab Training Video

"Wet Painters" is an episode from Season 3.


Time cards shownEdit

  • One hour later
  • Two hours later
  • Three hours later (Patrick then remarked he was out of time cards)




Mr. Krabs decides to have SpongeBob and Patrick do some real work by painting the interior of his house. He tells them not to get the permanent paint on anything except the walls or else he will chop their butts off and hang them on the wall. Fearful of dripping paint on Mr. Krabs' numerous valuables, SpongeBob and Patrick spend many hours "in mental preparation". SpongeBob then attempts to paint the wall, and uses a hairdryer to keep paint drops from touching the floor. This forms a large paint bubble, which Patrick inflates until it bursts. The bubble sends paint to every section of the wall, painting the entire house and avoiding all of Krabs' artifacts--except for his "most prized possession", his framed first dollar. SpongeBob and Patrick are unsuccessful at cleaning, replacing, or disguising the stained dollar, and Mr. Krabs returns. Krabs feigns anger about the soiled money, then licks the dollar clean. It turns out that saliva acts as the paint's solvent, and that he told SpongeBob and Patrick otherwise as a joke, which angers them. Krabs laughs heartily at his own jest, spraying spittle around and ruining the paint job.


  • This episode breaks the fourth wall due to the fact that Patrick was the one using the time cards.
  • When Mr. Krabs gets rid of the pictures hanging on the walls, the viewer can see a picture of Painty the Pirate (the pirate captain that sings the theme song).
  • Mr. Krabs keeps a vending machine in his house.
  • SpongeBob had six chances to fix the problem about ruining Mr. Krabs' first dollar. They were:
  • Patrick should have used the computer to print out a picture of a dollar and paste it on the frame (Which is illegal). Patrick instead destroyed the computer preventing this solution.
  • The dollar Patrick got out from his wallet, SpongeBob should have grabbed it by force instead of yelling and hoping he does what he tells him.
  • They should have licked it.
  • They should have looked for money under Mr. Krab's Mattress because in the episode The Lost Mattress states that Mr. Krabs places his money under his mattress also the Krabby Patty secret recipe in Plankton's Army mentioned by Squidward.
  • They should have rushed to the bank to borrow a dollar instead of wasting time at Mr. Krab's house.
  • They Would Just Flip The Dollar!
  • How can Mr. Krabs' window just fall off?
  • When the paint bubble explode the paint made a puzzle on the fourth wall.
  • Somehow, the paint is gonna get on Mr. Krabs' stuff before SpongeBob blows and gets sent back. Other episodes this happens: The Card, Nautical Novice, Pet or Pests.
  • It was Squidward's idea because he want Spongebob and Patrick to hurt their selves, but Mr. Krabs does not care because thats breaking the rules and wasting money.

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