"We Got Scurvy" is a song by P!nk. It was only featured in Truth or Square.

Our gums are black,
our teeth are falling out.
We've got spots on our backs
So give it up and shout...

We've got scurvy,
We need some vitamin C.
We've got scurvy,
We need a lemon tree.
We got scurvy,
We just chillin' on the sea.

Let's get this scurvy started!
A pirate ain't worthy, till he got some scurvy
Since you've got your scurvy on,
You're nervy when you sing that song!
Scurvy! (Scurvy!)
We got scurvy! (Scurvy!)
We got scurvy! (Scurvy!)
We got scurvy! (Scurvy!)

(Ends with the band members (Except P!nk) jumping in the sea.)

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