The Truck Driver in Pizza Delivery


The Truck Driver in his Truck

The Truck Driver appears in the three Episodes: The Gift of Gum , Slide Whistle Stooges and Pizza Delivery.

In the episode "Pizza Delivery", he appears for the first time. He was driving and saw SpongeBob, thinking he was "break dancing" on the road. Squidward saved SpongeBob from getting hit, thought.

In the Episode "The Gift of Gum" he drives with his Truck, "Old Blue" threw the street where SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward live.

In the Episode "Slide Whistle Stooges", he appears again for a second time. Where he drives and Squidward annoys him with his own Slide Whistle.



  • The Truck Driver is a green fish and has a red cap and a red jacket.
  • In the episode Pizza Delivery, he is a purple fish and has a small green cap with black hair under it, and a orange jacket.


  • He calls his Truck, "Old Blue".
  • You never here him say his name.

Lines about himEdit

From The Gift of Gum: Truck Driver: Come on, Old Blue. Don't you talk back to me. Do as your told. Do it! Do it! Do it! Come on girl, do it. Come on! (truck splits in half. The front half flies away. The back half hits Sandy and sends her back into the pile of gum, making it explode everywhere)

From Slide Whistle Stooges: (The driver shifts gears and the slide whistle noise happens. The driver starts to drink some coffee and the slide whistle noise happens. )

Truck Driver: Huh? What is that!?

(Squidward silently laughs to himself)

(The driver turns the steering wheel and the slide whistling noise happens.)

Truck Driver: I can't work under these conditions! (The driver puts on a helmet and jumps from the truck and rolls.)

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