The Ultimate SpongeBob Sponge Bash.

The Ultimate SpongeBob Sponge Bash is a special that went on from July 17-19, for the 10 year anniversary of the show. It premiered 12 brand-new episodes. It was the biggest SpongeBob event yet. It was followed by the "After Bash" special which repeated the new episodes from July 19th throughout the following week.

Episodes PremieredEdit

The commercial said 10 new episode will air even though 12 aired

Top 10 Episodes Chosen By VotersEdit

10. Suds

9. Patty Hype

8. Valentine's Day

7. The Paper

6. Help Wanted

5. SB-129

4. The Camping Episode

3. Ripped Pants

2. F.U.N.

1. Pizza Delivery

Celebrity FavoritesEdit

Chris Pine - Sailor Mouth

Miranda Cosgrove - Roller Cowards

Josh Peck - Plankton's Army

Drake Bell - Penny Foolish

Voice of BOOM! in iCarly - Squilliam Returns

Wais Dahir - What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

Nathan Kress - Ripped Pants

Keke Palmer - Krusty Krab Training Video

David Archuleta - Band Geeks

Jennette McCurdy - Karate Island

Tony Hawk - Frankendoodle

Victoria Justice - The Secret Box

Jerry Trainor - MuscleBob BuffPants is where you voted for your top 10 episodes for the countdown. It featured 10 new online games, a party planner, and 17 playlists.

New GamesEdit

Party Planner PrintablesEdit

  • Party Invitation
  • TV Schedule
  • Party Game (Pin the SquarePants on SpongeBob)
  • Fill in the Blanks Story
  • Recipes
  • Game Card (checklist for the 10 new games)
  • Switch Covers
  • Photo Frames
  • Paper Dolls
  • Door Hangers


There were 17 themed playlists including Tom Kenny's Top Picks and Celebrity Appearances. The rest have a season, character, music, or movie theme.

Tom Kenny's Top PicksEdit

"Tom Kenny's Top 20 Episodes" on iTunes also included Help Wanted, Single Cell Anniversary, and Tea at the Treedome.

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