The Thing
Episode No.: 76a
Airdate: 15.01.2007
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: That's No Lady
Next Episode: Hocus Pocus

"The Thing" is an episode from Season 4.





Squidward wants to watch TV. However, SpongeBob and Patrick keep asking him questions about the hot clarinet player channel. He made Squidward keep changing the channel. Finally, he gives up his TV time to watch his favorite Clarinet player to his most dismayed neighbors and go ride his bicycle. However, a cement truck loader carries him and the truck crushes him with lots of cement. The cement soon dries up and Squidward turned into The Thing and he ends up in Jellyfish Fields. There, Squidward complains about himself. He's hungry, lost, tired, and the only good thing he has is no SpongeBob. However, SpongeBob and Patrick are jellyfishing. Then, they spot The Thing. SpongeBob and Patrick think that The Thing is an endangered species. SpongeBob and Patrick decided to take Squidward home.

The Thing tries to get back in his house but Patrick tells him that Squidward is in the house. In SpongeBob's pineapple house, they name him Smelly and soon Gary attacks him. SpongeBob and Patrick decide that Smelly should be Patrick's pet. In Patrick's rock home, Patrick wants to play ball catch with Smelly. However, its getting a ricochet, and soon it gets so angry that he throws the ball at Patrick. Patrick is suddenly very afraid and calls the Animal Control. The police arrive very quickly and catch the Thing at the Easter Island head. SpongeBob tries to defend the Thing but the police officers in the battle and they place Smelly in the zoo exhibit Unknown Species. SpongeBob and Patrick visit the zoo and think that it's not right for Smelly to live a miserable life being laughed at by people at the zoo. The people that laughed at it should be ashamed of themselves for making fun of Smelly.

At nighttime, they get inside his zoo cage and try to free him. However, Interpol surrounds them and jump into the Thing's zoo exhibit to capture SpongeBob and Patrick. They run back inside the Thing's home cave and dive into a sewer hole while the police officers run through the sewer hole lid. While walking into the sewer, SpongeBob and Patrick find a mysterious rainforest with species that look exactly like the Thing.

SpongeBob and Patrick decide to let the Thing live the animal species. The animal species carry the Thing to their home, and soon the Thing realizes that they live with the very hot clarinet player on television. Squidward decides to enjoy life, but soon the Clarinet music causes the Thing's cement skin shell to break, and Squidward is free but is still with the species.


  • Squidward's alter ego as the cement covered squid name "The Thing" is a parody of the Fantastic 4 hero "The Thing", or probably a parody of the alien (The Thing) from the famous science fiction horror made in 1982 called "The Thing".
  • This episode showed that Gary once attacked Squidward before, probably because Gary hated him after he didn't take care of him in I Was a Teenage Gary.
  • SpongeBob is usually shown holding Gary after the vicious attack at The Thing. However, soon, Gary is not in SpongeBob's hand.
  • The famous hot clarinet player is first in a city concert, but now he's in the Forest way below Bikini Bottom Zoo.
  • The second appearance of Bikini Bottom Zoo. The first is "The Smoking Peanut."
  • Kelpy G is a parody of Kenny G.
  • How can there be a jungle in the sewers of Bikini Bottom?
  • When SpongeBob says Gary attacks no one except Squidward, how can he not think Smelly is actually Squidward?
  • Smelly looks like a Pikmin. (See Smelly article)
  • This is the third time when Squidward is wearing a purple robe from I Was a Teenage Gary and Good Neighbors.
  • In this episode Spongebob was wearing glasses from Frankendoodle.


Episode Transcript: The Thing

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