The Smoking Peanut
Episode No.: 32b
Airdate: 8.3.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Pressure
Next Episode: Shanghaied

"The Smoking Peanut" is an episode from Season 2.





SpongeBob and Patrick go to the Oyster Stadium to see Clamu the Clam perform tricks. Apparently, Clamu is sleeping and SpongeBob and Patrick want to see a show. When Patrick leaves because of boredom, SpongeBob tries to wake Clamu up by throwing a peanut. Clamu wakes up and goes on a rampage as she attacks people and cries. Apparently, the cry is so loud that it can be heard all over the world. Everyone is angry and annoyed and they all want to find who did the crime. Patrick starts to do some investigating to find out who did it. SpongeBob feels the grief and guilt and decides to turn himself in. A trainer of Clamu sees that Eugene H. Krabs stole Clamu's pearl which happens to be an egg (that's really why she was burping when SpongeBob threw the peanut), which means Clamu is now a mother. Mr. Krab's excuse for the crime is that it is free day at the Bikini Bottom Zoo. To be punished for his crime, Mr Krabs has peanuts thrown at him, to see how he likes it.


  • When Patrick says "Hey SpongeBob" in the evil tone, his eyelids are pink instead of their regular purple color.
  • A tune from Danger Mouse is used.
  • The title takes its name from the phrase "caught with the smoking gun."
  • When the zookeeper pulls Mr. Krabs pants off, the belt buckle colors are reversed to yellow on the inside and black on the outside, although in the next scene it reversed back to normal.
  • Clamu is a reference to the popular Shamu in Seaworld.
  • In every other episode, Bikini Bottom has blue and white police cars (similar to NYPD's old squad car color scheme). However, in this episode the police cars are black and red.
  • There is a book to tie-in with this episode, but called Zoo Day Disaster.
  • This is the 3rd time Mr. Krabs is a villain of an episode.
  • Clamu and her baby are voiced by Frank Welker.
  • People from all over the world can't possibly hear Clamu cry because they're above land and Clamu doesn't cry that loud for them to hear.
  • Where did Patrick get a popsicle that fast? He came with no popsicle! So, he should've been licking SpongeBob!
  • When SpongeBob said, "What is this, 20 questions or something?" he is referencing the traditional car game. He also references it in Missing Identity when he says "I would love to stay here and play 20 questions with you.".
  • Despite the title, no peanuts actually smoke (literally).
  • Where did Patrick get the piece of grass? It is only sand underwater, unless he got it from Sandy's treedome.
  • Could a small peanut really wake up Clamu? Maybe SpongeBob threw it hard which isn't really possible because he's weak.