The Pink Purloiner
Episode No.: 79a
Airdate: February 18,2007
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: Best Frenemies
Next Episode: Squid Wood

"The Pink Purloiner" is an episode from Season 4.




Time Cards ShownEdit

  • Eight Hours Later
  • One Pair of Pants Later (not a real time card)


SpongeBob gets a new jellyfishing net, and calls it "Ol’ Reliable". The following morning, it turns up missing, and he posts missing jellyfish-net posters all over town with a promise of a reward. He later begins to suspect Patrick of stealing his net, as Patrick had once said recently that he would do anything for a net like Ol’ Reliable. SpongeBob goes through many plans to reveal Patrick as a thief, and eventually sees Patrick carrying a box. He tries to take it by disguising himself as a guy with a mustache interested in purchasing what's inside the box. Patrick says that the contents of the box belong to SpongeBob, and at first SpongeBob believes that his suspicions concerning Patrick's so-called "thievery" are true. Patrick is a bit upset because SpongeBob is framing him. But to his great surprise, it is revealed that the box contains a very special net built by Patrick, especially for SpongeBob. SpongeBob doesn't know what to say. He is torn between gratitude for Patrick's generosity, and guilt for accusing his friend falsely. Patrick gets upset at SpongeBob for ever suspecting him, and prepares to leave Bikini Bottom. The bus arrives and Patrick is about to climb aboard when SpongeBob grabs hold of him, begging his friend not to go while pleading earnestly for Patrick's forgiveness. The bus driver demands to know what the hold-up is, and when he sees that it is SpongeBob and Patrick, he gives SpongeBob Ol' Reliable, saying he left the net on the bus (again). To make up for his accusations against Patrick, SpongeBob gives Ol' Reliable to his friend, for keeps. Patrick is utterly overwhelmed by this gesture, and immediately decides to forgive SpongeBob for SpongeBob’s thoughtlessness, and stay in Bikini Bottom after all. Everyone on the bus cheers, much to the chagrin of the bus driver, who claims that SpongeBob and Patrick do this kind of thing all the time. SpongeBob and Patrick then run off to Jellyfish Fields together to enjoy their new nets.


  • After the bus ride home, when SpongeBob opens the door to his house, there will be a second door behind it.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob gives Patrick 'Ol' Reliable'. Jellyfish net. The first time was in the episode: Nature Pants, but in Nature Pants, Patrick destroyed Ol' Reliable and in that episode 'Ol Reliable' is a normal jellyfish net.
  • The Pink Purloiner is a spoof of "The Pink Panther".
  • The bus driver from the episode: Rock Bottom is the bus driver in this episode.
  • The Ol' Reliable jellyfishing net is the same one (or looks a lot like) as the one in The Best Day Ever.
  • The first appearance of colorful jellyfish.
  • We never see SpongeBob leave the net on the bus.
  • How can Mr. Krabs get to Jellyfish Fields in 1 second? He leaves his house but magically gets to the fields too fast!
  • On that note, SpongeBob gives the money to Mr. Krabs, who promises that he'll find 'Ol' Reliable' but later, SpongeBob found the net on the bus. Mr. Krabs should've give the money back since it was SpongeBob who found it!
  • When Spogebob sees Patrick swinging a jellyfish net, Spongebob thought it was Ol'Reliable, but it looked like a normal jellyfish net. So why would he think it was his?
  • Confess-A-Bear looks similar to Sandy.
  • It's noticable that SpongeBob left the net in the bus because when they are going to their homes, Spongebob didn't have it.
  • In one scene where SpongeBob is swirling around to get the Jellyfish, all of them (including the rare ones)turn pink.


Episode Transcript: The Pink Purloiner

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