SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward Tentacles, Gordon and all the other Olafs

"The Olafs" are a group of vikings only seen in the episode Dear Vikings. It is really unknown why all their names are Olaf.


Squidward: Sure! I'll teach ya. Listen closely now. The Vikings were....

Vikings: (standing, some with weapons)

Squidward: a race of scholars and scientists who lived before even Mr. Krabs was born.

Viking: (puts ketchup on a hot dog)

Viking: (eats a hamburger)

Squidward: They are believed to have discovered ketchup....

Viking: (holding a leash)

Squidward: and enjoyed dressing up their pets as....

Brick with legs: (tied to a the leash. It barks)

Squidward: scrambled masonry on the weekends.

Vikings: (watching a movie on a projector screen. It shows two fish in a car)

Squidward: Their favorite movies are in black and white.

Guy with axe on projector screen: (appears)

Viking: Look out!!

Other Vikings and guy with axe: Sssshhhhhhhhh!

Squidward: And grown Vikings are known to collect socks which they display and trade at monthly sock trading conventions called Sock'n Garten.

Vikings: Sock'n Garten.

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