The Fry Cook Games
Episode No.: 39b
Airdate: 28.9.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Jellyfish Hunter
Next Episode: Squid on Strike

"The Fry Cook Games" is an episode from Season 2.





At the Official 21st Fry Cook Games, Patrick is disappointed that he cannot enter, he is not a fry cook. When the games are about to begin, the fire on the ceremonial torch suddenly gets blown out. A 'PLEASE STAND BY' sign appears, and the torch carefully re-lit, to the expense of the lighter, who catches on fire himself. SpongeBob is representing Mr. Krabs, while Patrick is representing Plankton (this is a big surprise, but he is only his pawn). This is because SpongeBob told Patrick that he had to be a fry cook in order to compete. So he joined the Chum Bucket. The competitions included games such as the "Deep Fry Pole Vault" and the "Chocolate High-Dive" (Diving from a springboard to a vat of chocolate, making the diver look like ice cream). In frustration at one another, they call each other names. Finally, SpongeBob and Patrick face off with each other in the final event, "Bun Wrestling." During the event, both SpongeBob and Patrick split their pants, revealing SpongeBob to be wearing pink underpants and Patrick to be wearing yellow. This causes them to stop fighting and settle their differences. The episode ends as the two walk out of the stadium holding hands while Mr. Krabs and Plankton start fighting with each other, frustrated that their players stopped competing.


  • When SpongeBob is doing the dive into the chocolate, his suit has the flag of a country on it.
  • The torch lighting is a reference to The Olympics.
  • The scene were SpongeBob and Patrick are leaving the stadium by holding hands is cut.
  • When he is preparing for the Fry Cook Games, when SpongeBob is doing his push-ups, he is actually doing finger push-ups. Also, in MuscleBob BuffPants, SpongeBob couldn't even do one push-up but he does some in this episode and in few other episodes.
  • After the ice-cream challenge, you can hear music that is often heard in the show My Gym Partner's a Monkey. (That show aired later on Cartoon Network).
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick are bun wrestling, and when SpongeBob erases Patrick's name off of his card, it's night, but when they walk out of the stadium, it's daytime. It's possible that they fought before dawn.
  • When Mr. Krabs and Plankton are talking to SpongeBob and Patrick right before the events, everyone is supposedly saying and doing the same thing at the same time. However, when Plankton tells Patrick that SpongeBob is "Square - the shape of evil," look closely at Mr. Krabs. He's just waving his arms up and down, rather than showing SpongeBob his shape.
  • when the fish said "I gotta get outta here," there was the yellow fish, that’s usually in many episodes, behind him and in front of him.
  • The vendor was selling fish sticks, but why would fish eat fish sticks?
  • Patrick's line "MY NAME'S NOT RICK!" has became an internet meme.
  • The PLEASE STAND BY card was shown after the unsuccessful attempt of the torch is also seen on the interlude of Shanghaied, after Patchy scolded "Its time for you to walk the plank!" This is also shown on Once Bitten.
  • At the end of the episode, Patrick says his yellow underpants were white when he bought them.
  • The scene while SpongeBob rips his blue robe, revealing the muscles. The first was MuscleBob BuffPants.
  • How can a fire torch be in water? Water puts out fires.
  • When Patrick is doing his risk, the cone he had was short but on the realistic picture of ice cream (him) the cone was long.
  • If Plankton is an invertabrate, how could he break his antennae?
  • This is one of the episodes where SpongeBob and Patrick fight with each other.
  • If you look at the audience in the entire episode, you'll see there are many duplicate fish.
  • On recent airings of this, the title card is skipped. Everything is still intract on Nicktoons.
  • This is another episode pair not to feature Squidward, Sandy or Gary.

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