Episode No.: 18a
Airdate: 22.3.2000
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Rock Bottom
Next Episode: Walking Small

"Texas" is an episode from Season 1.





SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy are making sandcastles at Goo Lagoon when Sandy gets homesick. She walks off, while SpongeBob tries to cheer her up. SpongeBob and Patrick blindfold her and take her to her tree dome, but Sandy knows this is not her real home.

SpongeBob and Patrick realize that Sandy's from Texas, and decide to bring some Texas to Bikini Bottom to cheer up Sandy. Sandy wants to leave Bikini Bottom and go back to Texas, but SpongeBob and Patrick have a surprise for her at the Krusty Krab. Failing to convince her to go to the Krusty Krab, Patrick shouts after the bus which Sandy just boarded, saying "What's so great about dumb old Texas, anyway?"

Sandy comes back and yells "Don't you dare take the name of Texas in vain!" Patrick then insists upon saying people from Texas are dumb. Sandy becomes even angrier and says that they "can't say nothing about Texas". This gives SpongeBob a brilliant idea. He and Patrick start insulting Texas in order to distract Sandy, and so she angrily chases them on a homicidal rampage. They hope to reach the Krusty Krab before Sandy catches them. Patrick continuously insults Texas, thinking Sandy is too slow to catch up to them, only so that both of them realize that Sandy is catching up, and fast.

While they're running as fast as they possibly can a lasso is thrown up on top of Patrick, pulling him back. Patrick suddenly exclaims" Ah! SpongeBob!", as a nuclear explosion in the background lets out. SpongeBob still hoping to reach the Krusty Krab is both screaming and running. Sandy then lassos SpongeBob’s arm, while he has firm grasp of the door with his other hand. While Sandy is tugging on the rope, SpongeBob tears the door knob off, taking the front of the Krusty Krab with him. Where the party shouts "Howdy ya’ll!", and Sandy decides that she's been home all along. But then, Patrick shouts "Yeah, who needs dumb old Texas?" Sandy gets angry once again, and Patrick asks "Should I start running now?"


  • Junior Brown guest stars.
  • When Sandy is about to leave, SpongeBob is talking fast. One of the things he said is her having "one last Krabby Patty down at the Krusty Krab". He pronounces Krabby Patty as "Coddy Batty", especially in closed captions.
  • This episode's plot is similar to that of "Chimps Ahoy", as of SpongeBob and Patrick try to prevent Sandy from leaving Bikini Bottom.
  • There was talk of banning this episode from public viewing. While pestering Sandy about Texas, SpongeBob thrusts his buttocks while saying "Tex-as!" while putting emphasis on the last syllable.
  • SpongeBob mistakenly presented the things Sandy misses from Texas, square dancing (Flats the Flounder was holding a box), pecan pies (peas-in-a-can pies), and barbeques (barbed q's).
  • When Sandy sings and the music appears, the notes move toward Sandy.

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