Sun Bleached
Episode No.: 106b
Airdate: 5.6.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: A Life in a Day
Next Episode: Giant Squidward

"Sun Bleached" is an episode from Season 6


Time Cards ShownEdit

  • 2 hours later (shown twice)



SpongeBob and Patrick wants to go to a party hosted by Craig Mammalton. However, Craig says they has to be tan, so he heads to Patrick's house and turns it into a tanning bed. He tells Patrick to set it to 15 seconds but Patrick leaves with a group of girls and SpongeBob stays there for 2 hours causing him to become "Sun Bleached". Soon, after several unsuccessful plans, Patrick's caramel sundae splashes on SpongeBob. He eventually goes to the Party only to end up with his "Sun Bleached" skin to reappear after the coating on it cracks and falls apart. However Craig Mammalton says that sun bleached skin is the ultimate tan of them all. They dance for 2 hours in the sun only to turn into dust.



  • One fish says to SpongeBob, "Do you hug your mother with that skin?" The quote is a variation of the quote "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" as said by the junkman in the episode Sailor Mouth.
  • The elder people, kids, and babies have tans, but tans are bad for them because it can cause sunburn or even skin cancer.
  • When SpongeBob gets sun bleached his body shrinks. This can be seen by his loose speedos.
  • Also, when he is sun bleached, Patrick takes a piece of his skin off, but at Squidward's House, it's back on.
  • Second time Patrick is attracted to women. The first time was in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • Why would the people at the party want to dance while getting tanned if they are tan enough?
  • If those fish's eyes melted, how can they and how did they come back if they had melted?
  • After SpongeBob got sun bleached, his voice sounded crackled and dry. But after he left Squidward's house, his voice was back to normal.

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