Strawberry Gum

Strawberry Gum is sold in Bikini Bottom. It is small strawberry-flavoured gum. Strawberry Gum just appears in the episode: Porous Pockets. SpongeBob and Patrick buy lots of strawberry gum at the Mall. They both buy a lifetime supply of it.


(they head home from the mall with shopping carts and money sticking out of their clothes)
SpongeBob: Oh, wasn’t that incredible, Patrick? I mean, with all this money, we could’ve bought anything in the whole world!
Patrick: Yup!
SpongeBob: So tell me, what’d you buy?
Patrick: A lifetime supply of strawberry gum!
SpongeBob: Hey, me, too! And to think we barely even put a dent in my fortune!
Narrator: The following Thursday.

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