Squid on Strike
Episode No.: 40a
Airdate: 12.10.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: The Fry Cook Games
Next Episode: Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm

"Squid on Strike" is an episode from Season 2




Time Cards ShownEdit

  • One Eternity Later


Mr. Krabs is observing charts based on Krusty Krab income when he sees something. Profit is down by $3! He charges employees for doing certain things. Of course, this is completely outrageous, so SpongeBob and Squidward go on strike. If SpongeBob knew what a strike was, he would not have gone (because he got fired). Squidward makes a sign saying “Krusty Krab Unfair”, but SpongeBob misinterprets it as “Krusty Krab Funfair”, making the restaurant more popular. After lots of similar incidences, teens take their jobs. In addition, after SpongeBob says "We're gonna stay on strike, until we get what we deserve! Even if it takes forever!" Squidward gets scared of staying on strike with SpongeBob forever. As Squidward runs out the door, Mr. Krabs is at the door to beg him to come back because he wants to fire the teens who got their jobs because they wouldn't stop bugging him. Therefore, they make a deal so that Squidward and SpongeBob can get their jobs back. However, SpongeBob does not know about this, so he wrecks the Krusty Krab. However, when Mr. Krabs is in his office and sees the ruins, he falls to pieces (literally) and yells "Squidward! SpongeBob". Squidward and SpongeBob say "Yes, Mr. Krabs?" SpongeBob says, Here it comes Mr. Krabs says "In order to pay off these damages, you two are gonna work for me, forever!"


  • In episode: Nature Pants SpongeBob does not care throwing his hat on the ground, but in this episode, he could not throw it on the ground because it was his best friend.
  • When the crowd of people stomp Squidward he has three smashed legs. But Squidward has four legs, it's possible that one came off during the violent stampede. But he still has four when he is not on the ground, how did he get it back?
  • SpongeBob is looking through the glass door of the Krusty Krab Squidward pulls him off. His face is still sticking to the door but the face on the door is not looking at the door it's looking at Squidward.
  • Sponges and mollusks are invertebrates and would have no skeletons to rot.
  • In the episode: Squirrel Jokes SpongeBob states that he has no bones, but at the end of this episode he is shown to have a skeleton.
  • The title "Squid on Strike" is from the ABC Family movie Mom on Strike.
  • This is the second episode with footprints.
  • This is the first time Mr.Krabs realizes that there's a decrease of revenue while he counts the cash he earned. The second was Best Frenemies.
  • Mr. Krabs says that Spongebob and Squidward should work for him forever,but why does in the future episodes Mr. Krabs forget about it like a dream and Spongebob and Squidward is alive and still have day offs?
  • When the Krusty Krab is destroyed, how can Mr. Krabs not know? How come he doesn't feel a door when he is going in? He sees when he tells SpongeBob and Squidward they'll work for him forever.
  • If Squidward is a skeleton at the end, how is he sweeping? Skeletons do not move, they're dead people!
  • This is the second episode that uses a song in the title card instead of instrumental music.

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