Something Smells
Episode No.: 22a
Airdate: 26.10.2000
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Squid's Day Off
Next Episode: Bossy Boots

"Fanatic in Straight Awaken"episode movie






SpongeBob and Gary The Snail wake up and realize that it is Sunday. Therefore, SpongeBob decides to have a sundae, but when he looks in the freezer, there is no ice cream left. So, SpongeBob decides to use something else. He uses onions, ketchup, and peanuts from the peanut plant he has been growing in the bathroom window. Little does he know, SpongeBob gets rancid breath. SpongeBob then gets out his Sunday list. It says, "Say hi to everyone in Bikini Bottom." Everyone in town avoids him because of his bad breath. He approaches a giant pile of bubble gum sitting on a bench. It then morphs into the body of Patrick Star. SpongeBob tells him that he is confused, and Patrick does not notice the stench since he doesn't have a nose. He says that everyone is avoiding SpongeBob because SpongeBob is ugly, and SpongeBob looks in a mirror. It looks okay, but when SpongeBob says, "Hi!” the reflection smells his breath, readies a hammer and smashes itself. SpongeBob is shocked by this, and isolates himself in his home.

Then, Patrick comes in and makes SpongeBob admit that he is ugly and proud of it. It works, and SpongeBob's confidence grows, so they go to the cinema. When they go in and sit down, all the fish still avoid SpongeBob. All of the fish leave the theater. Patrick eventually gets hungry so they go to get a snack, but no one is at the counter, so SpongeBob gives Patrick some of his sundae. Suddenly Patrick has a stomachache after he eats the sundae, so Patrick goes to the Gents. When a guy runs away from Patrick in the toilet, he thinks he has caught the 'ugly' from SpongeBob. SpongeBob smells Patrick's extremely smelly breathe, and concludes that they are not ugly, they just have bad breath from eating the "sundae". After they realize this, they run around shouting "WE STINK!" and they melt down the movie theater. In the last scene, SpongeBob and Patrick run into Squidward Tentacles and say, "Guess what Squidward? WE STINK!" Squidward looks confused and SpongeBob and Patrick run away laughing.


  • In the credits at the beginning of the episode, animator Edgar Larrazabal's name misspell as "Edgar Larrazabla".
  • When SpongeBob walks out of the kitchen with green smoke behind him, when he drops the spoon in his hand, it bends when it hits the floor, and then when the camera changes to SpongeBob walking towards Gary, the spoon disappears.
  • When SpongeBob is playing the piano, his sleeves are pink.
  • When SpongeBob pours ketchup into his sundae, the bottle reads "katsup."
  • There are at least eleven fish at the Movie Theater at which they look exactly like Tom.
  • When SpongeBob demonstrates to Patrick about how people run away from him, the part when he breathes instead he says the line: "I just don't get it", then goes back to Patrick normal.
  • Why didn't the movie theater burn down when everyone was running out of the theater? There was enough stink to burn it down.
  • Patrick though SpongeBob was ugly because of his voice. But SpongeBob laughed. (But then he said "Good One Patrick")
  • In The Season 2 Disc 2, When SpongeBob Says "Hi, Building!" it was Replaced with "I Just Don't Get It." and Patrick Saying "I Don't Either". In The Commentary Says That "There Was A Mix-up In The Sound Mix There"
  • After SpongeBob finishes his piano solo, he turns around to Patrick, revealing that he's wearing a Groucho Marx glasses/nose. However, in the shot where Patrick says, "Maybe a story will cheer you up," the glasses/nose disappear.
  • After SpongeBob eats his "sundae" he goes to talk to the mailman, but mailmen don't deliver on Sundays.
  • The scene were Patrick tell SpongeBob the story about the Ugly Barnacle has became a meme on YouTube, but most of the videos has seem's to have the former Nicktoons Network logo instead of the normal version.
  • The scene were Fred is seen Screaming 'DEUUEAUGH!' Has became a EXTREMELY Popular YouTube Phenomenon. With videos were Fred Screams about 10 hours, 1 hour, and more.


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