Sheldon (born November 30, 1942, same day as Mr. Eugene H Krabs) is very jealous, but he is sneaky and nearly arrives to steal the mysterious Krabby Patty Formula. He never arrives it because he is too overhasty and impatient, he cannot wait. He thinks he can outgun everyone and doesn't want to believe that he is small. Before he was Mr. Krabs's enemy, he was his only friend! Everyone else laughed at him because he is so small and easy to beat him, but because Mr. Krabs was with him he wasn't too angry. But since they are enemies he wants to govern the world and revenge everyone who laugh or laughed at him. He often rips SpongeBob off, because he thinks SpongeBob is silly and babyish'; also because SpongeBob happens to know the Krabby Patty's ingredients. (He puts upon SpongeBob in episodes like Walking Small or Plankton!.) Plankton is the main antagonist and main villain of the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series. He is also Spongebob's arch nemesis.