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Title Directed by Written by Original air date [1] U.S. viewers


205a 1a "Whirlybrains" Bob Jacques Mr. Lawrence October 15, 2016 1.77[2]

SpongeBob and Patrick get hooked on the latest fad and everyone's brains gets stolen by an old man, Sandy must get everyones brains back' 'Guest appearance: Ed Asner as the grumpy old man, the guy who stole the brains.

205b 1b

"Mermaid Pants"


Alan Smart Kaz October 29, 2016 2.17[3]
Squidward and Mr. Krabs plays with SpongeBob and Patrick on a Mermaidman and Barnacleboy Adventure.
206a 2a "Unreal Estate"

"House Hunters"

TBA Ben Gruber 2017 TBD
After SpongeBob realizes that he's allergic to pineapple, Squidward finds him a new home.
206b 2b "Code Yellow" TBA Andrew Goodman 2017 TBD
SpongeBob decides to tag along with Squidward finding a nose job.
207a 3a "House Worming" TBA Richard Pursel 2017 TBD
SpongeBob must hide worms that move into his holes from his friends.
207b 3b "Mimic Madness" Bob Jacques Mr. Lawrence 2017 TBD
SpongeBob learns the information from one of his friends that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
208a 4a "Krusty Catering" TBA Ben Gruber 2017 TBD
Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob cater a fancy party, but they might be out of their depth with their new wealthy and fancy customers.
208b 4b "Snooze You Lose" TBA Kaz 2017 TBD
Squidward will not let SpongeBob and Patrick miss his big dance audition
210a 6a "Burst Your Bubble" TBA Andrew Goodman 2017 TBD
SpongeBob and Patrick have fun blowing bubbles.
211a 7a "Life Insurance" TBA Kaz 2017 TBD
SpongeBob gets insurance for his life.
TBA TBA "SpongeBob's Place" TBA Kaz 2017 TBD
SpongeBob gets a crush on a new place.
TBA TBA "Plankton Gets The Boot" TBA Ben Gruber 2017 TBD
A really good thing happened to Plankton.
TBA TBA "Don't Wake Patrick" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
SpongeBob's friends must avoid him from waking Patrick.
TBA TBA "Lost and Found" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
SpongeBob's pants gets lost after Mrs. Puff let SpongeBob take the bathroom key.
TBA TBA "The Getaway" TBA Kaz 2017 TBD
Plankton causes trouble on a getaway.
TBA TBA "Trident Trouble" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
A really bad thing has happened to King Neptune's trident.
TBA TBA "Plankton Retires" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
Knowing that he's gonna have no customers for the rest of his life, Plankton decides to quit his restaurant and retire, which thrills the Krusty Krew.
TBA TBA "The Incredible Shrinking SpongeBob" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
SpongeBob gets shrunk thanks to one of his friends.
TBA TBA "Sportz" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
Sandy and Larry help SpongeBob do sports.
TBA TBA "Patrick's Coupon" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
Patrick gets a free coupon.
TBA TBA "Out Of The Picture" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
SpongeBob creates a family picture in which Patrick was keeping photobombing it.
TBA TBA "Feral Friends" TBA TBA 2017 TBD
SpongeBob falls in love with endangered animals.

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