SpongeBob exiting via the window of the pineapple


SpongeBob's house in the newer episodes

SpongeBob's house is a pineapple under the sea. It is situated adjacent to Squidward Tentacles' house on Conch Street in the city of Bikini Bottom. The only living creatures in the house are SpongeBob and Gary.


SpongeBob's house is located on 124 Conch Street. It is next to Squidward's.


The inside is very colorful and has various major themes, but it mainly looks like a beach house. The floorplan has not been set, like most of the buildings in Bikini Bottom.

1st Floor:Edit

  • Living Room - This is where SpongeBob entertains his guests. It has several chairs, a wall decoration in the form of a fish lure, several tables, and a diver's helmet TV. In Banned in Bikini Bottom, a window was cut into one of the walls and several Krusty Krab tables were placed in here. Also, there is a conch shell cordless phone that has no base and is pink in color. It has nine push-buttons and an extendable metal antenna. It has a mechanical bell ringer.
  • Kitchen - The kitchen is where SpongeBob prepares his meals and feeds Gary. It usually has a stove, a submarine refrigerator, cabinets made of crates on boards with chains, a sink (really a bucket with a faucet) countertop (surfboards with hula skirts and bamboo posts), and a table (really a piece of wood placed on a beach ball).
  • Office - This is SpongeBob's workplace where he does his homework. It mainly has a desk with a lamp and a pencil-holder.
  • Bedroom - This is where SpongeBob and Gary sleep. It has a three-mattress bed, a pile of newspapers for Gary, a nightstand for his alarm clock, and sometimes a treasure chest that SpongeBob never uses (mainly because he lost the keys). Sometimes, a closet and calendar are shown, and in the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, all of SpongeBob's Employee of the Month awards were kept on one of the walls. His bedroom is sometimes shown with what appears to be a pet scallop in a cage. The purpose of this is not yet known.
  • Bathroom - SpongeBob goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, and bathes here. It has a bathtub, a toilet, and a vanity for his sink.
  • Library - All the books SpongeBob read are stored here. It has shelves, a chair, a slide, and a fireplace. In Something Smells, a pipe organ was seen as well.
  • Garage - This is where SpongeBob's reef blower is placed. It is at the back of the pineapple. It first appeared in the episode Reef Blower.

2nd FloorEdit

  • Top Roof - Roof of SpongeBob's House. Sometimes a long winding staircase leading from Spongebobs room.


The house, obviously in it's name is a pineapple, orange-colored with criss-crossed lines and small dots, a chimney and with leaves as its roof. The house features two windows, but in some episodes, there are three, and in the episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors, the back view of the house was shown. The door of the house has the shape of a typical and common door with a wheel of a ship as the opener or "doorknob". In some episodes, like I Was a Teenage Gary, it was shown that SpongeBob still needs a key to open the house and the keyhole is shaped like a shell or a scallop. The house has flowers that represent his spice garden on each side and a road with hard rocks leads on this house. SpongeBob's house is located at 124 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom. In the episode Krabby Road, he has a garage where SpongeBob and his band practice.


  • In Night Light, the Moth takes away the entire pineapple home.
  • In Home Sweet Pineapple the nematodes eat SpongeBob's house until SpongeBob plants the last seed, regrowing his pineapple.

Destruction, Remodels, and ReconstructionEdit

  • In Home Sweet Pineapple, the house gets eaten by nematodes, but it grows back.
  • In Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm, the place gets partially eaten by the worm, but it's quickly repaired. Later in the episode, it was crushed when the worm fell into Bikini Bottom.
  • In Opposite Day, SpongeBob destroys his own house but Squidward fixes it.
  • In Spy Buddies, the house fries and turns black but it was not completely annihilated.
  • In Sing a Song of Patrick, his house was destroyed by Patrick's song I Wrote This.
  • Also in the game "Creature From The Krusty Krab" it is destroyed numerous times.
  • In Not Normal,SpongeBob changes his pineapple to a real house.
  • In Porous Pockets, it was reconstructed into a mansion.
  • In Banned in Bikini Bottom, it was used as the Secret Krusty Krab when Miss Priss shut the original down. More details in the Inside section of this page.
  • In Patty Hype, when Spongebob was sleeping, he dreamed he was getting older and his house went ripe.


  • In Home Sweet Pineapple, it was a real pineapple to drink, and in Truth or Square, the same is shown. but on Opposite Day, it was simply a house.
  • On Truth or Square, it was a pineapple with no windows or door, but when Spongebob buys it, it did have windows and a door. How?
  • It seems that Patrick lived in Bikini Bottom before SpongeBob on Truth or Square, yet, when Spongebob never lived in Bikini Bottom, they still knew each other. It was possible they came to meet.

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