Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm
Episode No.: 40b
Airdate: 10.12.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Squid on Strike
Next Episode: The Algae's Always Greener

"Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm" is the last episode from Season 2.





Through the lurking night, a creature starts destroying and demolishing things all around. Then at the Krusty Krab the next morning, citizens including SpongeBob share stories and Ideas. SpongeBob said that he saw it and that it was called an ALASKAN BULL WORM! Other people said that they had their stuff eaten by it. Patrick then came up with an idea, to push the city away, although they disagreed (Thanks Squidward!). Then Sandy said that she would catch the worm for them. So she went out, and the rest of the citizens decided to push Bikini Bottom away. So Sandy left but SpongeBob was attempting to make Sandy not go. He tried hilarious, yet stupid and useless attempts to get Sandy to listen but it did not work. Eventually Sandy and SpongeBob got there and Sandy said that the worm was in the moist cave. You could then hear beating up noises while SpongeBob was trying to tell Sandy that it was not the worm. He eventually said it, and it worked, the thing that she was beating was only its tongue. Sandy told SpongeBob to run and they sprinted off. SpongeBob was then saying that she was wrong, she eventually admitted it and then they were saved by the paperclip that was used before as an alternate tail that might have tricked Sandy to come back (Unsuccessful!). They got on top of the raging worm and they were heading toward a cliff. With that said, they both ran to the top and the Alaskan bull Worm fell into the fissure. Ironically, after SpongeBob and Sandy escaped, the town had successfully pushed Bikini bottom far away, but ironically, the worm fell down into the exact place that the town was pushed, leaving the Bull Worm saying: "OOOWWW!!!".


  • The mask that SpongeBob wears is the same mask from Karate Choppers.
  • Some parts of the episode were parodies from the famous sci-fi movie, Tremors, such as the part when the Alaskan Bull Worm fell off the cliff and the part where they're having a conference at the Krusty Krab.
  • When the worm eats SpongeBob's house like an apple, you see that he has two floors. But in "Gary Takes a Bath," you see he has three floors, because the bathroom is on the second floor, and SpongeBob crashes through another floor to get to his room.
  • When Patrick and everyone else are pushing, the whole town moves. But they are only pushing two or three buildings yet all of the other buildings move with it, and when the Alaskan Bull Worm fell on the city it was bigger.
  • This is the only episode where Sandy's father is mentioned.
  • Where did SpongeBob get boxing gloves? It is possible he kept them from the episode: MuscleBob BuffPants.
  • When the old fish in the raincoat scratches the window, it is a reference to Jaws, when the shark hunter gets everyone's attention so as to tell them his plan.
  • Look at the worm, if that's the worm, why is it buried into the ground?
  • When the worm was about to fall, he got longer somehow.
  • All of the main characters appear in this episode except Sheldon J. Plankton.

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