Puffy fluffy

Puffy Fluffy


Puffy Fluffy as a Monster

Puffy Fluffy so far just appears in the Episode A Pal for Gary. Gary known that he fears him. He is a Mini-Eel and every time when SpongeBob goes away, Puffy Fluffy tries to attack Gary, but every time when SpongeBob appears again and tell Gary that he have no choose, he stops. When SpongeBob goes to bed, Gary finds him transformed into a monster. Puffy Fluffy once again attacks Gary, causing destruction in the house. Because Spongebob stupidly ignorant of of situtation and he choose Gary and blame for of the situtation.


Puffy Fluffy had green skin and red cheeks. He also had blue fins.


Puffy Fluffy had green eyes, is much bigger as before and also has sharp teeth, with four tongues that also have large sharp teeth.

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