Episode No.: 37a
Airdate: 30.11.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Krusty Love
Next Episode: I'm with Stupid

"Procrastinaton" is an episode from Season 2.





Every student in the Boating School is complaining when Mrs. Puff tells them the homework they have to do. SpongeBob is excited because they have to write an essay about what not to do at a stoplight with a very permanent minimum of 800 words. Mrs.Puff tells the students to work hard and not goof off. SpongeBob decides to not goof off and focuses on the paper. First, he thinks that it is easy because he is writing the title of: What Not To Do At A Stoplight, By SpongeBob SquarePants. For three hours, SpongeBob realizes that it is harder than he thinks. He looks outside the window to see that everyone else is having a carnival, Gary is playing the horn, and Patrick is massaging Sandy (without her air suit but helmet). SpongeBob decides to be distracted by doing the Hup-Two. His nose does it, then his eyebrows do it. Then, he scoots his chair back and forth all the time. When Gary meows and SpongeBob decides to feed him. SpongeBob gives him a mountain of dinner, but Gary is able to finish it all in one bite. SpongeBob wants to give him Chocolate Algae Bits (dessert), and then steps on the leftover food that Gary has made a mess on. SpongeBob decides to clean the kitchen, and then the house is very shiny. However, it is now 10 p.m. and SpongeBob thinks that he is doing it by decorating a very simple font of the word the. SpongeBob tries to think about what the other 799 words should be. Then, he calls Patrick about sleeping, and Patrick tells him that he is only calling him to not do his essay. SpongeBob is angry, and they end the phone call with a Marco Polo. Then, SpongeBob calls him a chatterbox. Soon, he finds some pencil shavings, and he brushes them off, but accidentally swallows one. He rushes to get some sink water and then becomes hungry for a sandwich. The mailman gives him a package, and SpongeBob talks to him about how the mailman can get his own mail and P.O. boxes. Then, the mailman tells him he has a essay to write. SpongeBob is worried and is spied on by the Realistic Fish Head on the TV saying he only has a few hours to write his essay. SpongeBob chops the TV, and then the chair becomes real. The desk is running away from him, and his ``Pants!!! escape him and run outside. The Gary-alarm clock tells him, "Time's Up SpongeBob!", and a fire is lit up, burning up the essay and puts SpongeBob's house on fire. The house becomes real too, and makes him wake off from his dream saying, "Stop wasting time!!!!" It is then revealed that it was a dream, so he wakes up, and it appears to be morning, and he realizes that it is 8:55 a.m. and class will start in 5 minutes! Then, SpongeBob gets all the answers by his dream, such as feeding a snail, making a sandwich, calling a friend, talking to a mailman, karate-chopping the TV, and etc. SpongeBob then runs to Boating School, but Mrs. Puff tells him that there wasn't any homework, and he didn't have to do it. Mrs. Puff decided to make a field trip to a stoplight, and she has to go to a teacher convention. SpongeBob rips the essay, and he is ripped in half by himself as well.


  • The scene in between when SpongeBob says "This is harder than I thought" and "I can feel those juices pumping now!" were later removed due to the fact that it was thought that kids would emulate the "car crashing" scene that occurs when SpongeBob says that he'll finally have a license. However, why they couldn't have just cut out that scene and left everything else in is a mystery, However the episode still does air with the scene not removed.The uncut version is still seen at Christmas time.
  • An interesting note is that SpongeBob uses another sponge to wash the dishes instead of using himself or one of his appendages.
  • While wearing her air helmet, Sandy is seen without her spacesuit on, just her purple bikini.
  • After SpongeBob's dream the pencil is colored light pale but when he's writing his pencil is normal orange.
  • When SpongeBob is done cleaning the kitchen everything is chrome, similar to SB-129.
  • At one point the page reads, "What not to do at a spotlight".
  • At the start of the episode SpongeBob writes "What not to do at a stoplight, By Spongebob Squarepants" but when he starts writing again all he has on his page is "The".
  • When SpongeBob starts choking on the eraser particles, he runs to his kitchen to drink water. Couldn't he just suck in the water around him?
  • On recent airings, When SpongeBob says "Gee, this is harder than I thought," it cuts to SpongeBob Saying "I can feel those juice pumpin' Now!" And, On the April 21, 2014 airing, after SpongeBob says "this essay is pure gold!," it cuts to SpongeBob playing with the chair and making it squeak due to commercial time. However, In the next airing, the scene was restored, but not with the outside scene and the pumpin scene.
  • When this episode aired on July 24, 2012 on Nickelodeon Philippines, after SpongeBob says "Gee, this is harder than I thought," it had the deleted scene without cutting to SpongeBob saying "I can Feel those juice pumpin' now!" scene. This is the first time since September 2006 Nickelodeon (US) airing to have the carnival scene, "car crashing" scene and the pumpin' scene.

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