Porous Pockets
Episode No.: 112a
Airdate: 28.11.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One
Next Episode: Choir Boys

"Porous Pockets" is an episode from Season 6.




Time Cards ShownEdit

  • The Following Thursday....


The episode starts with SpongeBob and Patrick hearing giant shrieks. They discover the shrieks are coming from a choking clam, and make it stop choking. The clam spits out a pearl and runs away. SpongeBob and Patrick decide the pearl is a volleyball, and go to a volleyball court to play with it. At the court, an employee spots them holding the pearl and trades SpongeBob more than a million dollars for the pearl, causing SpongeBob to become the richest citizen of Bikini Bottom. They are next seen watching as truckloads of cash dump the cash onto SpongeBob's house. At an ice cream stand, SpongeBob is befriended by a group because of his money when he gives them some money to buy ice cream with. He instantly turns his pineapple into a huge mansion and begins giving out his money, stating he has a lot already. Patrick comes to visit, but a butler SpongeBob hired tells him he can't come because he isn't on the guest list, yet Patrick gets in by tricking him into retying his shoes and sneaking in. He eventually finds SpongeBob and tells him to stop wasting all his money, claiming that if he continues, he will go broke, but SpongeBob pays no mind to him, and Mr. Krabs kicks him out when SpongeBob tells him Patrick won't leave him alone. When more of SpongeBob's "friends" demand money, SpongeBob agrees and searches for more cash, but discovers to his horror he spent it all. When he returns, he finds the living room empty. SpongeBob visits Patrick and begs Patrick to be his friend again, and Patrick agrees. He then says he found a new volleyball from the Bikini Bottom Diamond Mine, and the episode ends.


  • SpongeBob had money surrounding his house when he left for the mall. But oddly, noboby tried to steal the money.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Patrick can mimic other people.
  • This is the second episode in which Kelp Jerky is seen. The first episode is Sun Bleached.
  • Harold's friend Bert accidentally calls him Bill.
  • The diamond Patrick shows SpongeBob at the end of the episode implies that Patrick becomes a millionaire too, but it is never shown.
  • SpongeBob manages to get through the money pile surrounding his house by creating a passageway through it, but it's nearly impossible to do that without the tunnel collapsing in on you.
  • If SpongeBob kept throwing away his money how comes when he kept throwing it away it still wasn't gone.
  • Why do SpongeBob and Patrick say that a Diamond and a Pearl are volleyballs.
  • Triple Goober Berry Sunrise is mentioned.
  • Where did all the Strawberry Gum go?

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