Plankton's Army
Episode No.: 58b
Airdate: 19.1.2004
Season: Season 3
Previous Episode: Missing Identity
Next Episode: The Sponge Who Could Fly

"Planktons Army" is an episode from Season 3.





The show starts out when Plankton attempts to steal a Krabby Patty to find out the Secret Formula. He is then caught and flushed down the toilet by Mr. Krabs. He returns to the Chum Bucket, sulking to his computer wife Karen about his failures. She then suggests hiring an army to help him. He first tries a bar, but the tough guys beat him up. He then realizes he could call his entire family to help. He messages them all to come to the Chum Bucket. Thinking they will all be evil geniuses, he finds out they are all hillbillies; saying "I've been away from home longer that I thought." He then gets them to agree to his plan in exchange for Root Beer. They then attack the Krusty Krab; tying up Mr. Krabs and Squidward in a toilet (SpongeBob is cleaning the bathrooms, totally unaware of the crisis). The Planktons open the safe containing the Krabby Patty secret recipe. Before Plankton reads the recipe, Mr. Krabs pleads him not to read it, saying "There are secrets not meant for mortal eyes!". Plankton reads it anyway. The (Fake) ingredients turn out to be: - A pinch of salt
- 3 tsp. of chopped onions
- A cup of love
- 4 lb of ground Plankton
No. 4 causes Plankton to panic, running away. The other Planktons read it and run (except for one, saying he cannot read). Mr. Krabs and Squidward manage to escape from the toilet. It is then revealed to SpongeBob (who has finished cleaning the bathrooms) and Squidward that the recipe that Plankton has read is a fake, and the real one is hidden somewhere. Squidward then guesses it is under Mr. Krabs' mattress, Which is correct. Mr. Krabs runs towards his house, yelling "Curse you, Squidward!"


  • This episode is also called Plankton's Revenge and Plankton's Last Stand.
  • In this episode, SpongeBob has only four lines of dialogue.
  • SpongeBob disappeared for about 95% of the whole episode, only appearing in two scenes: one at the very beginning and the other at the very end. This makes this episode to be the smallest appearance of SpongeBob in an episode ever to be aired, similar to Rise and Shine and New Leaf.
  • Plankton's first name and middle initial are revealed.
  • When SpongeBob asked if he missed anything, his hat is off. But in the next scene of him, his hat is on.
  • The name of one of Plankton's cousins, Billy Billy Bo Billy Banana Fanana Fo Filly, derives from the rhyming game The Name Game.
  • At the end, the Secret Formula is in the form of a book. Plankton should know that that wasn't right, because all of the other times he's seen the Secret Formula, it was a piece of paper in a bottle.
  • Also at the end, it shows Plankton running back to the Chum Bucket. It shows, though, that a few hills are in between the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket, which there aren't. Plus, when Mr. Krabs looks out of his window, the hills are gone!
  • Squidward, amazingly, knows the hiding place of the Secret Formula! However, in other episodes, the location of the formula has changed. Mr. Krabs probably changed it so no one else could guess it.
  • Like the Chum Bucket, Mr. Krabs's house doesn't have hills in front of it.
  • The entire big book of the Secret Formula had only four ingredients, onions, salt, love, and plankton.
  • The robot may have belonged to Plankton, because the dollar the robot gave to Mr. Krabs contained Plankton.
  • In this episode, the safe holding the Secret Formula was a huge door-safe with stairs and a light. In other episodes, it is extremely small and sometimes is on the ground or mounted on the wall.
  • When Mr. Krabs says "You planted grass?", you see Plankton's cousins, but Plankton doesn't have that much cousins. It's too much of a green area.
  • When Plankton got back to the Chum Bucket after attempting to steal the formula, Karen ask Plankton what had happened yet she knew that Plankton had been flushed down the toilet.

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