Pirate Wrestling

SpongeBob and Patrick about to play.

Pirate Wrestling is a game that is played by SpongeBob and Patrick. It is seen in SpongeBob's House in the episode: Fungus Among Us. Not much is known about this game. Patrick and SpongeBob accidently pop SpongeBob's Bubble.


SpongeBob: Patrick! Stop! Stop! You're gonna pop it!

Patrick: Really? How about if I squeeze it like this? (He squeezes it. SpongeBob gasps.)

Patrick: Or this? (He bites it. SpongeBob gasps again.)

Patrick: Or this? (He digs cleats into it.)

SpongeBob: Oh, Patrick!!! How many times do I have to tell you? Be careful!!!

Patrick: Sorry. Hey, wanna play a game of pirate wrestling?

SpongeBob: Sure! Let's begin! (They take out hooks and tear up the bubble.) Um... Patrick?

Patrick: I win! I win! I win!


How to play is you have a grey pirate hook and your opponent wrestles you and you have to wrestle with the hooks at each other. Patrick is very great at the game and calls himself "The Winner".

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