Penny Foolish
Episode No.: 102a
Airdate: 3.07.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Krabby Road
Next Episode: Nautical Novice

"Penny Foolish" is an episode from Season 6





SpongeBob finds something while Mr. Krabs is checking-out at the Discount Grocery Mart. Mr. Krabs assumes that SpongeBob found a penny. Krabs becomes obsessed with the penny and started to see pennies in every circular objects he see. He tries to steal it by asking if he has a penny, opens a theater, and tries to make him donate a penny for the "penniless." He then drives a detecting truck to SpongeBob's house. He uses a metal detector to search for it in SpongeBob's house. Soon, he runs into Gary and searches in his shell. Then SpongeBob sees what he's trying to do and says "That wasn't a penny I found! It was a chewed up ball of gum for my collection" and Gary spits at the gum. The "gum" expands and SpongeBob picks it up and says, "This won't go with my gum collection." It was actually a $500 dollar bill. He dropped it on the floor and ignored it. Outside, Mr. Krabs is digging holes, still looking for the penny.


  • The clerk already scanned a few items inside Mr. Krabs' grocery basket, after she asked for the price check on one item, the next scene; the other items are inside Mr. Krabs' grocery basket again.
  • Strangely, we didn't see Mr. Krabs pay for his groceries.
  • SpongeBob keeps a dried up gum collection, which is similar to Gummy.
  • SpongeBob gets squirted by cerebrospinal liquid by his brain. But how can the cerebrospinal liquid look like water?
  • Brains are not part of a sea sponges organ system, so Spongebob cannot really have a brain.
  • A theatre would cost much more money than a single penny.
  • After Spongebob says that he really doesn't have a penny to pay for the movie, he is standing in the middle of the movie theatre, but on the next scene, when Mr. Krabs demolishes it, Spongebob is standing on the side of the theatre.
  • Mr Krabs spent way more than a penny just to get it, here is the cost sum:
    • Movie Theatre - $920,000
    • Projection Screen - $1,400 (Used for charity night)
    • Tuxedoes(x2) - $1,200
    • Florist Van Rental Fee - $700
    • Spygear- $12,000 (Used in the truck)
    • Metal Detector - $500
    • Spygoggles- $300

All of this would have cost approximately $936,100 dollars, is it worth spending that much for one penny?

  • In Mr. Krabs' mental replay of SpongeBob picking up the "penny," the buildings in the background are in different positions and they are different colors then when SpongeBob really picked up the "penny."
    • At the end when Mr.Krabs is digging holes thinking SpongeBob buried a penny, it is a spoof of the Disney Movie Holes.
  • When Mr. Krabs is talking and everyone hear him his voice sound like a dolphin.
  • That couldn't be a piece of gum (or $500 bill) that SpongeBob found, because at the beginning, it was brown and small, meaning it's a penny! So, how can it change color? (Unless it was dirty and SpongeBob washed it off, but it would turn into a dollar right away! So how?)
  • Another mess up: If Gary's spit turned the "gum" into the dollar, and SpongeBob found it outside underwater, shouldn't it be the dollar when SpongeBob found it?
  • At the end when Mr. Krabs is digging, he already saw the $500 bill, so why is he still searching for that stupid penny?
  • And also at the end, Mr. Krabs is digging holes on the sidewalk, but you can't because sidewalks are hard and you can't dig there.
  • The title card music is the same as Selling Out, The Krabby Kronicle, Bucket Sweet Bucket, Nautical Novice, The Krusty Sponge and Chimps Ahoy.
  • This episode has received extremely negative reviews by fans mainly due to Mr Krabs true greediness
  • This is the only episode where both episodes use the same title card music.
  • We never even see Mr. Krabs pay at the store!

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