Patrick SmartPants
Episode No.: 68a
Airdate: October 21, 2005
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI
Next Episode: SquidBob TentaclePants

"Patrick SmartPants" is an episode from Season 4





SpongeBob and Patrick are Jellyfishing in Jellyfish fields until Patrick falls into the Brain Coral Fields. SpongeBob sees what is wrong and places Patrick’s head back on and he suddenly possesses greater intelect and greater intelligence. This eventually tears their friendship apart because they both want to do different things. Patrick tries to help people such as Sandy and Squidward but Patrick becomes more hated. Eventually, Patrick tells SpongeBob that they have to go separate ways and both are sad. Then Patrick wants to try to become friends with SpongeBob again by using science. This is unsuccessful and then Patrick tells SpongeBob to tell him when the fun went away. So Patrick jumped off the cliff into Brain Coral fields and duplicates his actions. SpongeBob looks around for Patrick’s head and they find a Brain Coral Field where brain coral lies. SpongeBob gets Patrick's real head and Patrick is back to normal!


  • Real brain coral is actually shaped like brains and not cones.
  • The first few times this episode was shown, it had scrolling captions. This was later changed.
  • Smart Patrick is so upset that he makes a solution to get SpongeBob back he makes his hair grow, just so that he can pull it out in his anger. This is ironically the answer to Squidward's dream to have hair.
  • Patrick calls SpongeBob "Robert", which indicates that SpongeBob's real name may be SpongeRobert SquarePants (longer version of Bob). However, Robert as his full name is not confirmed by Hillenburg. Also, in the scene where Patrick is in Sandy's Treedome, Patrick calls her "Sandra", which indicates that Sandy's real name may be Sandra Cheeks (longer version of Sandy). However, Sandra as her full name is not confirmed by Hillenburg. Patrick may be calling them by their "full" names just to sound smart, though. If this is true, than SpongeRobert and Sandra have no middle names. it is later comfermed that sandys full name is sandra, she called sandra in several over episodes.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick both have a talent for belch-talking.
  • This is the second time Plankton appears without Mr. Krabs. The first was Walking Small.
  • In the scene where Patrick is sitting and meditating on top of his rock, the burning sticks around him are called incense.
  • Patrick might be Chinese because the incense are often used by Chinese monks.
  • Plankton makes a cameo in this episode, saying, "I'll show you subspecies!"
  • This is the first episode pair to end with the word pants in both episodes.
  • How does brain coral come with a plug to make Patrick smarter?
  • The top of Patrick's head is not a vital body part as it does not affect him in any way when replaced with the brain coral, thus shows that Patrick could not ordinarily use his brain.
  • When Patrick fell of the cliff, the spot exactly where he fell is where the brain coral is. But shouldn't that have been Patrick's head? How did the brain coral get pushed over to where Patrick fell?
  • Patrick's brain is a cone-shape in this episode, but in Shanghaied, his brain was a toaster (in Patrick's wish ending), and then later in The Battle of Bikini Bottom, his brain is a real brain.


Episode Transcript: Patrick SmartPants

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