Not Normal
Episode No.: 104a
Airdate: 4.3.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Suction Cup Symphony
Next Episode: Gone

"Not Normal" is an episode from Season 6.


Time Cards ShownEdit

  • Three Weeks Later




After waking up from sleeping due to SpongeBob laughing outside, Squidward tells SpongeBob that he is not normal. Being convinced that what Squidward said is true, SpongeBob watches a video tape about becoming "normal". In the video, we see the host of the video saying that normal people have no freckles, holes, or any difference on their bodies, and they pretty much go to work, get the job done, and then go back home to a square blue house with a square green front lawn. The next day, Squidward finds SpongeBob working on a computer, just like the video. Squidward, freaking out about this, decides to go back to work at The Krusty Krab. Later on, Squidward goes home, only to find that SpongeBob has also mimicked the house in the video. Three weeks later, we find that SpongeBob is acting exactly like the video, having no holes or freckles and an oval for a body. He commonly asks how the weather is to anyone who happens to walk by. Squidward, approving of the new SpongeBob, says that he might enjoy the new SpongeBob. SpongeBob then goes to a bus stop and finds Patrick acting silly. After a cup of tea at Squidward's house, he realizes that he no longer wants to be normal anymore. Upon realization, he asks Patrick to become the way he used to be... a weird person. Therefore, SpongeBob and Patrick do silly things like sliding on water in their underwear, jellyfishing, and several other things, each time adding a hole to his body. When SpongeBob is about to become his original self, he becomes normal again and starts crying. Squidward, being normal now just like SpongeBob, comes to Patrick's house, with the "normal" look. Shocking SpongeBob, SpongeBob immediately becomes his original self again, and then admits that he is finally glad to be normal again.


  • When Squidward looks back at the grill area, there's no desk. But when he goes back to get a cup of water, the desk appears.
  • What happened to all those Krabby Patties SpongeBob printed out? Mr. Krabs could give those to the customers with paper Krabby Patties. (It is possible they sold them all)
  • Paper patties can kill people.
  • Squog appears as one of Squidward's self portraits.
  • SpongeBob lost his job, but, because he's normal, he didn't overreact on it.
  • A realistic human-like Squidward is seen in this episode.

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