No Weenies Allowed
Episode No.: 48a
Airdate: 15.3.2002
Season: Season 3
Previous Episode: Can You Spare a Dime?
Next Episode: Squilliam Returns

"No Weenies Allowed" is an episode from Season 3.





Inspired by Sandy, SpongeBob tries to get into the Salty Spitoon; the toughest sailor club in Bikini Bottom. The bouncer, Reg, allows Sandy entrance but rejects SpongeBob because he is not tough enough. Reg suggests that SpongeBob try one of the nearby Weenie Hut chains, much to SpongeBob's disgust. The Weenie Hut patrons suggest ways for SpongeBob to prove his toughness and gain entrance. SpongeBob figures that the quickest way to do so would be to win a fight, but since he is not very strong, he decides to stage a fight with Patrick. The staged fight nearly is unsuccessful as Patrick begins to legitimately attack SpongeBob, but soon remembers his job and beats himself up (strangely, Patrick does not use any of his limbs, but takes damage as if someone invisible were hurting him). SpongeBob gains entrance to the club, runs inside, slips on an ice cube and falls, putting him in the hospital. Whilst talking to his doctor, he refers to his injuries as "boo-boos"; the doctor suggests that SpongeBob be admitted to a nearby hospital named Weenie Hut General.


  • SpongeBob and the geeks are sitting each on 2 different colors, blue and white. Whenever there is a different shot, the seat color changes.
  • When Patrick punches SpongeBob, he appears to have a black eye. But after SpongeBob blinked, his black eye was gone. His black eye never lasted that long, unlike in episode: Blackened Sponge, his black eye had lasted the whole episode.
  • When Reg first appears, his tattoo reads MOM. When Sandy plucks it out, it's Upside-Down reading WOW. When SpongeBob suggests hot water to open a ketchup bottle, the tattoo is normal, but still reads WOW. When Reg suggests SpongeBob to go to Weenie Hut Jr's and Super Weenie Hut Jr's, it's back to MOM again. When SpongeBob leaves Weenie Hut Jr's for the first time, the tattoo is now squiggly lines and stays there for the rest of the episode.
  • This is the first appearance of the joke where they confuse a sponge for SpongeBob in disguise. It happens again in The Slumber Party
  • The episode title is parody of No Pets Allowed.
  • How could Sandy get in if the bar is for men? Or maybe it's for tough women, too?
  • In Weenie Hut Jr.'s the waiter robot's face is still the same all the time, but when SpongeBob runs away the waiter robot's face turns mad.
  • No Please Have Mercy became popular on Youtube.

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