No Hat for Pat
Episode No.: 120a
Season: Season 6
Airdate: July 19, 2009
Previous Episode: Overbooked
Next Episode: Toy Store of Doom

No Hat for Pat is an episode from Season 6.





Patrick is upset when he can't play with his friends because of them having to go to work at the Krusty Krab. But that all ends when Mr. Krabs hires Patrick as the restaurant's sign-holder. After Patrick has a tough time doing so, Mr. Krabs gives him the hat, which makes him repeatedly fall while wearing it. He is hired as "The Falling Fool", who gets hurt repeatedly to amuse the customers, which Mr. Krabs forces them to pay for. Spongebob gets irritated at the fact that Mr. Krabs is using Patrick getting hurt to make a quick buck, but Patrick convinces Spongebob not to tell him. Later, at the Krusty Krab, Patrick is about to be dropped off a high angle into a bucket of sea-urchins. He gives Squidward his hat so it doesn't get damaged. When he isn't falling, Squidward tries to push him down, but gets thrown down himself. Patrick takes his hat back, causing him to fall, realizing it's the hat that makes him fall. Krabs forces the people to pay extra, and when Squidward lands before Patrick, Patrick doesn't take any damage. The customers are angry at what they paid for (presumably at Patrick not getting hurt), so they take their money back and tear off Mr. Krabs' clothing, leaving him only in his underwear. He fires Patrick, saying he will never get to wear the hat again. As a sad Patrick walks out of the Krusty Krab, Spongebob follows him home and says Patrick can wear his hat anytime. He does so, and falls down again.


  • Patrick can spin something and make wind so strong that people are blown away. But, how can there be wind underwater?
  • When Patrick is nervous, he forgets how to stand.
  • This is the second time citizens of Bikini Bottom have beat up on Krabs and stole their money back from him. The first was The Krabby Kronicle.
  • In the commercial of the upcoming episodes of The Ultimate SpongeBob Sponge Bash, Patrick is seen washing the dishes as the announcer says that Patrick gets a new job. Patrick also says, "I have a hat to prove it!" However, the dishes scene is seen in Chum Bucket Supreme.
  • A game can be played at Patrick's Hat Trick is based on Patrick who wants to wear the hat.
  • In this episode, the Krusty Krab is on the right, but it's usually on the left.
  • In the other episodes when Patrick wore the hat, it did not make him top heavy or fall down.
  • The German Title is, Der hutlose Patrick which means, The hatless Patrick.
  • it appears nat was going to the chum bucket but in planktons regular he got sent to the hospital so this could take place before it or he was allowed to eat chum again and also it appears palnkton got customers

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