No Free Rides
Episode No.: 30a
Airdate: 7.3.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Dumped
Next Episode: I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

"No Free Rides" is an episode from Season 2.





This is SpongeBob's last driving exam for the year, and as usual, he performs very poorly. He earns a score of 6, while he needs 600 to pass the test. SpongeBob is excited because he has to spend another year at boating school. Mrs. Puff does not want this to happen, so she gives SpongeBob a bogus extra-credit assignment so she can be rid of SpongeBob forever. After that, she gives him his driver's license. She considers the consequences, which are potentially quite chaotic. At her house, there is a surprise party for her. SpongeBob's parents give him a new boat-mobile, and then they went straight to SpongeBob's house. After his parents had left, SpongeBob then sneaks out of his bedroom and sleeps inside his new boat mobile, then Mrs. Puff attempts to steal it. She does not realize that SpongeBob is in it. Mrs. Puff tries to get rid of him, but SpongeBob does not want his brand new boat to be stolen. Later she was then caught by the police and Mrs. Puff was then sent to jail.



  • The accident company has the same phone number as the The Strangler (555-1234).
  • On YTV airings of this episode, SpongeBob says "With all your personal 'You won't get away with stealing my car!' hits.", but the captions say "With all your personal-- You won't get away with stealing my car!".
  • This episode is seen breaking the fourth wall when the narrator gets hit by SpongeBob during the driving test.
  • After the surprise that SpongeBob and his parents held for Mrs. Puff, when the camera shifts back on Mrs. Puff you can see a small picture of Mrs. Puff entering her door surprised just like she was when she entered the door. And, that picture contains another picture containing the same thing.
  • When Ms. Puff gives SpongeBob his driver's license, he licks it and comments "It tastes just like I dreamt it would." This is an obvious reference to the episode "Sleepy Time" in which he dreams he holds a drivers license and licks it.
  • After SpongeBob and his parents leave her house, Mrs. Puff says, "I gotta move out of town and change my name! No, not again." This may mean that this is not her real name. This may also explain why her name has Mrs. instead of Ms. when she is not married, and it may also explain why she does not like to talk about Mr. Puff.
  • When SpongeBob is being grated (by cheese graters) His eyes come out the graters twice.
  • Mrs. Puff does not need help being deflated.
  • When Mrs. Puff yells, "Extra Credit" and runs to SpongeBob with his unicycle, and she leads him back into the classroom, the unicycle disappears.
  • When Mrs. Puff imagines the news report after SpongeBob’s first drive, it says 'Live' but at the end of the report, when SpongeBob runs over the reporter, the reporter says "let's not use that take."
  • At the start Mrs. Puff says that SpongeBob got negative 224, then after SpongeBob hits a bunch of traffic cones, she said that he got 6. This goof is similar in The Simpsons Movie, where Chief Wiggum tells Homer Simpson he should take the rap instead of Bart, and then Homer tells Chief Wiggum what the punishment is again, and Chief Wiggum now tells him he should take a 1-hour parenting class.
  • When SpongeBob gives Boaty his socks and jumps on to Boaty he still has his socks on, but he already gave his socks to Boaty, but he might given Boaty another pair of socks.
  • In the end Mrs. Puff said that Spongebob could go to Mrs. Flounder's class. It's possible Mrs. Flounder is Flats the Flounder's mom and Flats' dad's wife.

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