New Leaf
Episode No.: 73a
Airdate: 22.9.2006
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: Wishing You Well
Next Episode: Once Bitten

"New Leaf" is an episode from Season 4.





Plankton gives up his restaurant and turns it into a store that sells knick-knacks. Mr. Krabs doesn't believe this, and he tries to lure Plankton out. It does not work, and Mr. Krabs decides to go into the store himself. He then confronts Plankton, and, in a rage, he destroys many of Plankton's items. Finally, Mr. Krabs realizes that Plankton is telling the truth about his surrender and walks away in shame. Later, Mr. Krabs calls Plankton, apologizes for what he did, and he takes Plankton to a carnival. After having so much fun, Mr. Krabs decides to share the secret Krabby Patty formula with Plankton. Plankton refuses to take it, but eventually, Krabs talks him into taking the paper. Later, Plankton reveals that the knick-knack store was a trick to get the formula and prepares to read the formula. But it reveals to be a note that says:"Gotcha! - ♥ Krabs" Mr. Krabs tells he had fooled him with a bigger scheme. The episode ends with Plankton screaming in anger and frustration.


  • When Mr. Krabs came into the store to talk with Plankton, he is wiping one of his snow-globes with a rag, he puts it down to talk with Krabs, but afterwards it disappears.
  • This is the second episode where SpongeBob disappeared for about 90% of the whole episode, after Plankton's Army in Season 3. This happened again in Season 5, in Rise and Shine. And also Season 6 in Komputer Overload.
  • The items sold at the Chumporium include Lava lamps, Snow globes, Knick Knacks, Teddy Bears and T-Shirts. Plankton also mentioned it could sell bubblegum.
  • This episode originally had The at the beginning of the title, making it The New Leaf. It was called "The New Leaf" during the Best Day Ever marathon.
  • Patrick SmartPants re-aired with this episode.
  • When Mr. Krabs throws the snow globe into the area with a bunch of stuff, it's actually things Plankton used for his plans before such as Mr. Krabs (robot).
  • New Leaf is a parody of the story The Last Leaf.
  • In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Plankton yelled "I never even have one costumer!", but in this episode, Plankton reveals shows that he permanently had a customer, which was probably a prehistoric creature that could not finish it's burger In the Movie, the creature is nowhere to be found.
  • This is the first time Mr. Krabs and Plankton work together. The second is Best Frenemies
  • In this episode the inside of Plankton's mouth is purple instead of red.
  • After Plankton releases the banner, which says Chumporium, SpongeBob shows Mr. Krabs the snow globe that he got at the store. How did he get it that fast if the Chumporium just opened?
  • After the scene where Mr. Krabs celebrates his victory of thinking that Plankton turned over a new leaf, SpongeBob and Squidward suddenly vanished for the rest of the episode.


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