Nautical Novice
Nautical Novice
Episode No.: 102b
Airdate: 29.3.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Penny Foolish
Next Episode: Spongicus

"Nautical Novice" is an episode from Season 6.


Time Cards ShownEdit

  • 7:59 AM




After class is over, Mrs. Puff tells the students that they will be going to the Boat Museum tomorrow. SpongeBob thinks that he might receive his license if he impresses Mrs. Puff with a vast knowledge of boating. SpongeBob memorizes all of there is to know about the history of boating from a 7,400 page book called "All History of Boating Ever" for Mrs. Puff's museum field trip the next day. It takes SpongeBob an entire night to finish it, and he misses the bus, but later catches up it. Throughout the field trip he shows off his knowledge about boating to Mrs. Puff which made her feel angrier rather than to be impressed. At the end of the trip she notices that SpongeBob is missing. SpongeBob finds the controls and starts the A/C, which he thinks starts the museum. The A/C blows a powerful current of air into SpongeBob's face so he turns it to the direction of the real starter mechanism, and the air current turns the key and starts the boat. Mrs. Puff then shows up and starts to panic, confessing that she never drove anything so advanced. She pulls a lever which makes the boat go even faster. She tells SpongeBob that he's the only one who can stop the museum before it plows into Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob then does the necessary steps to park the museum. He and Mrs. Puff thought he was driving it the whole time. Mrs. Puff is very impressed with driving, and then Mrs. Puff starts to give him his driver's license until the museum owner shows up and says he was not driving it. Mrs. Puff then tore up SpongeBob's diver's license. SpongeBob sees the headlights are on, the boat driver yells,"RUN!!!" and the boat tips over. Mrs. Puff gets puffed up, and squishes SpongeBob, and says,"Good thing you studied."


  • A segment of this episode was featured on the commercial for SpongeBob's Gimme 5 week.
  • Mrs. Puff tore up SpongeBob's Driver's License with her bare hands, but you cannot do that because it's plastic.
  • Either way, SpongeBob should have gotten his license because the guy towing the museum said SpongeBob wasn't driving the boat, but the whole time, that guy wasn't even there, and SpongeBob pulled off several manuevers and actions that could not have possibly been made by the guy! He just magically appears at the end. So SpongeBob was driving the museum boat.
  • And yet, the boat was even running and the air turned the key and started the boat! So how is that stupid guy saying he was tugging the boat?
  • On that note, Bikini Bottom should have been crushed but the boat gets sent back! And why is the guy towing the boat to Bikini Bottom away from everyone?
  • SpongeBob's license says it expires on December 14, 2003, but the show takes place in present day and not the past.
  • It was revealed that Mrs. Puff did not know how to drive ships like the Boating Museum ship.
  • When we see a close up of the license it says SpongeBob's eyes are yellow. His eyes are actually blue.
  • This is another episode pair not to feature Patrick.
  • The title card music is the same as Chimps Ahoy, Selling Out, Penny Foolish, & Bucket Sweet Bucket.
  • This is the third time they show SpongeBob's driver's license. The first time was Sleepy Time. The second is Gone.
  • It is revealed in Bikini Bottom history that King Neptune created the sail, and that there will be flying boats in the future.
  • SpongeBob read all that in the book and still doesn't know that AC stands for air conditioning.
  • The Boating Museum is a former vessel ship that no longer operates, which is probably reffering to the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, which is also a former ship that operated in the 30's to late 60's is now a museum, hotel, and restraunt.
  • When SpongeBob read the whole book, he actually didn't because if you look closely, he wasn't reading the last page, he was in the mid section of the book. (Although that's normal for most cartoons)
  • The harmonica music that plays when SpongeBob is toruing around the museum is the theme music to The Navy Lark, a British radio series that ran from 1953 to 1977.
  • Some people dislike this episode due to the ending

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