Nat in his work outfit


Nat Peterson

Nathaniel Peterson (better known as Nat or Peterson) (born April 5, 1984) is a fish used as a cameo character in many episodes. He is a bus driver in many episodes. His last name is revealed in the episode: Missing Identity, mentioned by Sadie. He is a yellow fish, who usually wears blue shorts. He also works at Snail-Po Headquarters with Sadie. He also appears in many of the new episodes, with a major role, including Plankton's Regular. In Jellyfish Hunter, he and Harold tried to sell SpongeBob something. He has a girlfriend named Shubie. He appeared twice in Missing Identity.


Peterson has yellow skin. He wears blue shorts, but occasionally a work suit and a tie. He also has two front teeth in the episode Procrastination. Like SpongeBob, on one occasion, he appeared as a slice of bacon.


He acts regularly and enjoys eating at the Krusty Krab. But got extremly angry at spongebob at the episode Plankton's Regular (Though at the end of the chapter it is revealed that Karen bribed him to do so.)


Nat Has a few Jobs in the series. Here is the list:




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