Mrs. Wormsley with her Children


Mrs. Wormsley


Mrs. Wormsley

Mrs. Wormsley is a small, pink glistening meadow worm that appears in the episode, Pet or Pests.


She is a pink worm.


She seems tame and docile, but Mrs. Wormsley gets quite angry with Gary. This is because she and Gary hate each other and they fight like cats and dogs. Gary viciously attatcks Mrs. Wormsley, causing her to abandon her newborn litter.


  • Originally, SpongeBob called the worm Mr. Wormsley. Soon, though, he discovered it was a girl when she reproduced.
  • Gary chased her away from SpongeBob's House and then she took the bus.
  • It is unknown if she will ever return.
  • Mrs. Wormsley had five small babies.
  • She is not the same worm as the Guard-Worm.
  • Her babies were sold.
  • In the German version she is called "Frau Würmlinger", which means "Mrs. Wormser".

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