Money Talks
Episode No.: 88a
Airdate: 31.07.2007
Season: Season 5
Previous Episode: Breath Of Fresh Squidward
Next Episode: SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget

"Money Talks" is an episode from Season 5.






File:MrKrabs Geld.jpg

Mr. Krabs wishes that he could talk to money. He even sings a song about it. Therefore, he wishes it out loud, and the Flying Dutchman hears it. However, in return for the wish, he must exchange his soul. However, Krabs has already given his soul to someone else, so he must write an 'I-O-U (or an I Owe You)' to him. Krabs got his wish, but then all the money wanted to do was be spent on things that he did not want to buy (for items see below). The money becomes impatient, and goes to all lengths to get spent. So, eventually he spends it on the items they wanted, but still had owed Dutchman something. So he must join the queue of all people with I-O-Us.


  • The money asked to be spent on corn dogs, fairy princess costumes, and diapers.
  • The second musical number about money. The first is in Selling Out.
  • The first and only Season 5 appearance of The Flying Dutchman.
  • In this episode proves Mr. Krabs is cheap because he had sold his soul to many ghosts, and SpongeBob.
  • Mr. Krabs had sold his soul to SpongeBob because he was short five dollars on pay day.
  • Patrick makes two brief appearences in this episode.
  • In the song, Mr. Krabs mentions money inviting friends over, which is naturally impossible since money cannot move except by a moving force (such as wind or holding it in your hand). Plus how is it possible for the money to invite other money over since they are unable to use the phone? Then again when you consider Mr. Krabs' greed and obsession of having money, this obviously gives him the wrong idea.
  • During the song, Mr. Krabs's armpits very smelly that disgusts the people.
  • When the dollar is talking to him, his teeth were dirty because he had not brushed his teeth yet. In the next scene, his teeth were white.
  • Why would SpongeBob and Patrick wear fairy princess outfits? Also why would they wear diapers?

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