Little Yellow Book
Episode: 182a                                           
Airdate: March 2,2013
Season: Season 9
Previous Episode: Squid Baby
Next Episode: Bumper to Bumper



Squidward reads spongebobs diary in front of the krusty krab.


  • This episode was oringanally going to air on November 25,2012 but got moved at last minute.
  • This episode was also gonna paired with Bumper to Bumper on November 25,2012 but Bumper to Bumper at the last minute was bumped to November 17,2012 and Nickelodeon delayed this episode on March 2,2013
  • This episode surpassed The Splinter as the episode with the worst reviews from critics.

It has also received a large amount of criticism by a number of fans, due to Squidward being shown in an extremely negative light and being out of character, and for the citizens overreacting and being hypocritical.

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