License to Milkshake
Episode: 181a                             
Airdate: September 3,2012
Season: Season 9                                      
Previous Episode: Gary's New Toy
Next Episode: Squid Baby

Episode 5 of Season 9. Spongbob gets shipped back to Milkshake Academy after a expired License


Spongebob gets a order of 1 Double Dip Millkshake which he havent made in a while. Once hes done he serves it to Harold but can't eat it due to it being frozen. Spongebob shows him he has the authority to make a shake but it was expired 7 years ago. The guy wants a refund in which Mr Krabs chims in  that spongebob will have the perfect shake by tommorrow. When the conversation ends Krabs throws him onto the boat and ships him off back to the Milkshake Academy. A lot has change since Spongebob last went here. Captin Frostymug Comes out of a plane and uses whipped cream as a parachute spray the cadets. Spongebob being him licks it. The Captin comes and gives them a speech about turning from wimps to fullly license milkshakers. After he gives Spongebob a test but he fails the question making then laugh. The Captin teaches the Scooper to him. After Captin Frostymug tells the Cadets to start making Milkshakes.

Spongebob heads off to the machine which has advance since Spongebob last used it. He puts the ice cream and tries to mix it. One of the cadets tells him he is trying to mix from top panel and not bottom. Once hes mixed it Frostymug tries it but hits his eye so they go back to square 1. He tells him to march into the shake simlulator and sets it to Obliterate which no one has ever ssurvived from. He shakes it and emptys him into a cup which he found fun. 

Captin Frostymug is mad becuase he Cadet Squarepants is unteachable. He tells the other Cadets if they have any ideas but say your better of teaching a hunk of coral and laughs. Spogebob is upset and tries to show them he can make a propar shake.  First he rides off into thr sunset on a motarbike. Then they do target practise with a cherry in which one sucseeds but spongebob lets it bounce and hit Frostymugs backside. Next he makes a shake on the machine but it comes out as a Krabby Patty. After he plays volleyball  only to swallow the ball and spit it out. He gets sweaty and drinks a milkshake someone gives to him the pours the rest on him and starts shaking it around so it cools him off. Next he is in a plane with Frostymug below him who lifts the roof of and lets Spongebob  use the machine to put the ice cream into th cup but lets it fall and goes into the engine causing him to go dwon and crash. He comes out in a parachute. After the Captim tries all the Cadets shakes and gives the a thumbs up except spongebob who his shake is still frozen.

At last its graduation time hurray!. Every Cadet is coming and shaking hands reciving their license. When Spongebob comes for his the Captin says there are none left because he doesn't get due to him not passing step one of milkshake making. Spongebob  says he can do and tries but Frostymug pushes him out the way. He tells him to raise the cup to the spinner then realises something. It flashesback to where he owns a shop called milkshake. Everyone wants one of his tasty shake and Frostymug starts making one. But some of the liquid gets onto the wires and explodes making everyone scream. He screams noooo and realises he hasen't touched  a machine in 20 years. He gets him arm stuck. in blender and is almost torn to shreds when Spongebob starts to rescue him. He finally does it and the machine explodes. Spongebob carries Frostymug and puts him on floor. He thanks Spongebob and says no one has ever treated him with kindness.. He tells him a secret about milkshaking isn't about the machines its about the heat but being him Spongebob doesn't get it.

Back to the Krusty Krab Spongebob retries making the milkshake and makes Harold happy which he says it's the best. Customers are now wanting one and Mr Krabs says where he learened thouse moves. Captin Frostymug comes in and says he was great and gives him his license to milkshake. Spongebob is happy and says "If only it was this easy to get a boating license and laughs. The Episode Ends


1.Why did Harold put the Milkshake in Spongebob's hat and squish it if it was frozen?. It would be impossible.

2. If the episode aired in 2012 and Spongebob's license expired 7 years ago then that would mean he got it in 2005 Season 4 time.

3. The title is a reference to the 1989 James Bond film License To Kill

4.The song Milkshake by Kelis was supposed to play when SpongeBob poured milkshake on his head

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