SpongeBob as a Jim Patty

A Jim Patty is a patty made by Jim. Everyone in Bikini Bottom is known to like this burger, even SpongeBob. It is always signed by Jim. Until now this burger only appears in the episode: The Original Fry Cook.


Mr. Krabs: "Now how's about that patty?"

Jim: "Everyone, watch and learn!"

(Everyone gathers at the kitchen doorway as Jim enters, but the door closes and Jim's bodyguards block it.)

Bodyguard #1: "No one watches Jim."

(Jim rings the bell and holds out a burger through the ordering window.)

Jim: "One patty! The right way."

Mr. Krabs: "It's a thing of beauty!"

SpongeBob: "What's so great about a Jim Patty anyway? (Takes a bite out of it.) Meh, it's OK. (His eyes widen and he is transported to a mystical world, full of stars and patties. He rides on one, but it disappears, and he falls. But suddenly he becomes one and slides on a rainbow down into SpongeBob's mouth at the Krusty Krab.) Wow! That was... amazing! (SpongeBob walks up to Jim, who is at a table flirting with girls.) Uh, Mr. Jim, sir?"

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