Episode No.: 3a
Airdate: 7.31.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Ripped Pants
Next Episode: Plankton!

"Jellyfishing" is the fifth episode from Season 1.




  • The Blue Danube



A jellyfish swims by SpongeBob's house, where SpongeBob and Patrick observe it out through a telescope. They prepare for jellyfishing, but then meet Squidward and ask him if he wants to join them. He refuses and decides to go bicycling instead. SpongeBob asks Squidward if he can join them next time. Squidward says yes sarcastically and goes off. Unfortunately, while he is bicycling, he has an accident (that involves jellyfish) and is wheelchair bound. SpongeBob and Patrick decide that what Squidward needs is a "Best Day Ever" jellyfishing expedition. After an alphabet soup and SpongeBob's clarinet solo, (in which he didn't play) they took Squidward to Jellyfish Fields to demonstrate how to jellyfish. He is not into it at first, but when a jellyfish stings him, he goes after it for revenge. He manages to catch the jellyfish, but in doing so angers a queen jellyfish. The queen jellyfish chases after him, attacking him with an extremely massive sting. The next day, SpongeBob and Patrick meet outside Squidward's house, and attempt to give a now life-support-bound Squidward the jellyfish that he caught the previous day. Squidward, still mad, opens the jar and lets the jellyfish attack SpongeBob and Patrick. As Squidward laughs, the royal giant discovers him and stings him, destroying his life-support. A completely blackened Squidward can only say, "Ow."


  • This is the first main jellyfishing episode, but SpongeBob first jellyfished in Tea at the Treedome.
  • The Nuclear-Water Grounds returns in My Pretty Seahorse. Squidward's Nuclear-Ground falling into during bicycle-riding gag.
  • First appearance of the pink jellyfish. Tea at the Treedome's jellyfish was whitish red.
  • This is the first episode Squidward does not know Patrick's name. It means this is, chronologically, one of the Series' earliest episodes.
  • This episode is the first episode to use the Jaws music, from the films Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg. The other main episodes with Jaws music are Clams and Valentine's Day.
  • Patrick blows on the soup too hard, and it lands on Squidward’s face. He does this again in Ugh!, and The Camping Episode.
  • When Squidward went after the jellyfish he was holding the net in his left hand. When he was catching the jellyfish, the net was in his right hand. When he was chased by a huge jellyfish, the net was back in his left hand.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick teach Squidward how to jellyfish, the Blue Danube is heard.
  • Patrick says Merry Christmas to Squidward, but Bikini Bottom still do not know about Christmas until Season 2, specifically in the episode Christmas Who?. However, that episode could have been a flashback.
  • This is the first time a big jellyfish appears.
  • The First and only time Squidward's nose makes a sound when he laughs.