I Was a Teenage Gary
Episode No.: 13b
Airdate: 28.10.1999
Season: Season 1
Previous Episode: Scaredy Pants
Next Episode: SB-129

"I Was a Teenage Gary" is an episode from Season 1.



  • SpongeBob's House
  • Squidward's House
  • Conch Street
  • Ukulele Bottom (mentioned)

Time Cards ShownEdit

  • 3 Days Later


When SpongeBob is informed that the annual Jellyfishing convention in Ukulele Bottom is on this weekend, he replies that no-one will be here to take care of Gary, and that he can't come. He asks Squidward, who refuses. However, Squidward changes his mind when he hears that this means SpongeBob and Patrick will be gone. SpongeBob shows Squidward how to take care of Gary, but he isn't listening. When SpongeBob and Patrick go away, Squidward forgets all about Gary.

Three days later, he hears Gary meow, and realizes that he forgot the snail. He quickly tries to feed him, but Gary refuses to eat. SpongeBob calls the vet, and says Gary has to have an injection of snail Plasma. Squidward tries to poke the syringe into Gary while SpongeBob is holding him up, but SpongeBob keeps snatching Gary away, saying that Squidward is doing it too fast. He continues to do this, until Squidward accidentally injects SpongeBob. Squidward tells SpongeBob that nothing will happen to him, but something does. In the night, as SpongeBob tries to serve Gary some dinner, he eats all of it himself.(As his metabolisme was changed by the effects of the plasma.) When SpongeBob looks in a mirror, his eyes stretch, his arms and legs shrivel up and fall off, and his body stretches. He realizes that he is turning into a snail, and goes to Squidward for help. Squidward is terrified at the sight of the SpongeSnail and runs around his house trying to escape him. After a few minutes of this, he accidentally gets injected with the syringe and turns into a snail. In the next scene, Gary, SpongeSnail and SquidSnail are singing "Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow" (to the tune of "Yo ho blow the man down") and Patrick yells " Will you clam up?!" and throws a shoe at SquidSnail.



  • This is one of the least seen episodes seen on TV, because it is paired with a holiday episode. However, this episode went on frequent broadcasting when the Best Day Ever and other SpongeBob TV premieres occurred.
  • On the following DVD containing this episode, there is a deleted scene depicting Squidward's transformation into a snail.
  • SpongeBob has fallen asleep in his chair. When the rooster crows, he has what seems to be a five-o'-clock shadow. When he jumps off the chair, the five-o'-clock shadow is gone.
  • Dr. Gill Gilliam in this episode is the same as the one who treats SpongeBob in the 'Suds' episode. That means he is both a doctor and veterinarian.
  • When SpongeBob transforms into a snail, he just loses his limbs and grows eyestalks, and his pants act as his shell. But when Squidward becomes a snail, he looks more like a real one.
  • Another town named Ukulele Bottom is mentioned in this episode.
  • All the nets on the bus to Ukulele Bottom are square.
  • The title of this episode refers to the 1957 Michael Landon film I Was a Teenage Werewolf.
  • When Squidward gets in bed, he says he hopes that he never sees a snail again, but in The Great Snail Race, he adopts a snail whom he names Snellie.
  • In this episode, SpongeBob tastes Gary's food. However, in Missing Identity (Episode), he says, "I've been feeding this to Gary for years and I don't even know what it tastes like". Perhaps this could have been a different type of Snail Food, or he does not remember the events of this episode, or this episode takes place after Missing Identity. In Dumped and Opposite Day he also eats Gary's food. However , Missing Identity is a flashback, so it could have taken place before this episode.
  • I Was A Teenage Gary was referenced in The Shaggy Dog (2006 film) and Hulk.
  • When Spongebob and Patrick come back, the hole Patrick made on the bus is gone. Of course, it could of been a different bus.
  • When one of SpongeBob's hands got sucked back into his body, he said "That's okay, I am a lefty anyway." it was his left hand that disappeared.
  • If Squidward just laid in the sun for 3 days straight, he should be burnt. And how does he go 3 days without eating?
  • In Culture Shock Squidward has seen Gary, but in this time he doesn't know Gary.
  • It is unknown how SpongeBob and Squidward got back to normal.
  • The other main characters that have not been turned into a snail so far are Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy,and Plankton.