I’m Your Biggest Fanatic
Episode No.: 30b
Airdate: 7.3.2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: No Free Rides
Next Episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III

"I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" is an episode from Season 2.





SpongeBob and Patrick are at the Bikini Bottom Jellyfish convention, and Patrick always seems to break the rule 'Look but don't touch.' SpongeBob sees Kevin C. Cucumber (The leader of the jellyspotters) and anchovies (the members of the jellyspotters). He continuously says "Hi, Kevin!" and "I'm your biggest fan!" Kevin tells SpongeBob to jump off the building, and he does. Realizing that he'll do anything for him, he asks SpongeBob if he wants to join the jellyspotters, and SpongeBob is so surprised that he goes into cardiac arrest (He is revived using a defibrillator) this is performed by Dr. Gill Gilliam. At Jellyfish Fields, Kevin's first test for SpongeBob is to catch a jellyfish, in which a jellyfish immediately flies into SpongeBob's net. Kevin smacks it out and it stings him. Then he says two jellyfish instead and two jellyfish fly into SpongeBob's net. Then Kevin says 20 jellyfish, and then 18 jellyfish fly into the net. Angry, Kevin kicks the net, making all the jellyfish sting him. Then many more tests are given to SpongeBob, all of which SpongeBob passes perfectly, and Kevin gets stung after every one. Then he tells SpongeBob that his final test will be catching a Queen jellyfish by being the bait. Four hours later, SpongeBob is very tired. Seconds later, a queen jelly fish comes above SpongeBob, who can't catch the queen jellyfish (Because she is too large and keeps trying to zap him). He finds out that the queen jellyfish is a robotic jellyfish controlled by Kevin and the anchovies. Soon, Nideria Rex, king jellyfish, comes and falls in love with the Queen Jellyfish. He tries to kiss her, but Kevin makes the queen jellyfish flee from the king jellyfish. Shortly after, the queen jellyfish crashes into a billboard. The king jellyfish then chases SpongeBob, Kevin, and the anchovies and traps them in a cave. SpongeBob is the only person brave enough to confront him, so he blows a pie bubble, then the king jellyfish gets it and leaves. In the end, Kevin says that SpongeBob is still not in the club because he did not catch a queen jellyfish. The anchovies think that SpongeBob is a more worthy leader than Kevin, and give him Kevin's "hair" as a crown, but SpongeBob gives the title back. SpongeBob goes back to the convention, finds Patrick, and tells him what happened. Patrick says that he's glad SpongeBob learned his lesson, that hero worship is unhealthy. Then he walks off dragging his own hero, Jeffrey the Jellyfish, behind him tied up in a wagon.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Kevin the Sea Cucumber is loosely based on Melvin Sneedly, a character from the graphic novel Captain Underpants, while Jeffrey the Jellyfish is a parody of Barney.
  • When one of the fish say "Wha-wha-wha," it sounds a bit like Duck from Rosie and Jim.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick are standing and Jeffrey the Jellyfish passes, the banner in the background says, "Got Stung?," a reference to the "Got Milk?" phrase.
  • Jeffrey the Jellyfish might also be a parody of Geoffrey the Giraffe.


  • The episode's title references to I'm Your Biggest Fan or I'm Your Best Friend.
  • The Jellyfish King would not be eating a real pie, but loves eating a bubble.
  • When Kevin's body is all the way stung, his hat-crown skin segment disappears.
  • After Kevin gets stung, the jellyfish stings recover.
  • At the end of the episode, there are only five anchovies left.
  • Jeffrey the Jellyfish had a much more different look than he is at the end from the beginning.
  • Kevin was only in the Jelly Spotters Club for the fashion.
  • Running gag: Every time Kevin gets stung, the anchovies say "Waa. Waa. Waa." Eventually Kevin says "will you cut that out!"
  • The sign "Got stung?" appears in game Bikini Bottom Bust up as a score board.
  • Capture the Queen Jellyfish is going to be useless just like the King Jellyfish.
  • For a short time, the title card is cut from some airings likely due to time.

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