Hocus Pocus
Episode No.: 76b
Airdate: 15.01.2007
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: The Thing
Next Episode: Driven to Tears

"Hocus Pocus" is an episode from Season 4.


Time Cards shownEdit

  • 4 to 6 weeks later




SpongeBob sees a commercial about buying Mr. Magic's magical magic set and decides to order it, and places the envelope into the mailbox. Four to six weeks later, the mail fish puts the magic kit (as well as SpongeBob himself) in SpongeBob’s mailbox. Meanwhile Squidward is sunbathing and SpongeBob wants to do a card trick for him. While SpongeBob is busy reading the magic book, Squidward gets into a bus and tells the driver to take him anywhere far away from his house. Then Tom and his son drive by. The son is upset because he got pistachio ice cream, but his father cannot understand why since that's the flavor he asked for. The ice cream cone is tossed out of the boat mobile and lands in Squidward’s chair. The ice cream melted into the shape of Squidward's head. Which is ironic...? SpongeBob stops reading the magic book, sees the ice cream cone and concludes that he turned Squidward into that ice cream cone! At first, he is delighted at the thought that he is a level ten magician, but after some unsuccessful attempts at changing "Squidward" back, he becomes worried. Therefore, he puts the "Squidward" cone in the freezer and puts a strawberry cone in too so he will have company. Then Patrick arrives and while SpongeBob is explaining the situation, Patrick is eating the "Squidward" ice cream cone. Aghast, SpongeBob stops him and they go to see Mr. Magic (the maker of the magic set SpongeBob bought). SpongeBob tells the a floating fish head (fake Mr. Magic) what he did, and while Mr. Magic is making excuses about why he can't help him, Patrick discovers a fish talking through a microphone. The fish says he cannot do magic and only made the kits to earn money. Then SpongeBob becomes hysterical over that he was a fake and Mr. Magic calls security and he and Patrick were thrown out. They return home where SpongeBob is again hysterical over what has just happened. In despair, SpongeBob starts to shout magic words and as he does, Squidward comes home and tosses the melted ice cream away. SpongeBob opens his eyes and, seeing Squidward standing there, believes he has successfully changed him back. He then asks to turn Squidward into something else. Squidward runs away and hops onto a fish's motorcycle. Patrick asks SpongeBob to turn him into a jar of mayonnaise so he can eat himself, and amazingly, it works!...

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • One of SpongeBob's sayings to "turn Squidward back to normal" is that he says "Oklie-Dokille", which is Ned Flander's catchphrase on The Simpsons.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick visit Mr. Magic. This spoofs the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz (a movie produced by Metro Goldwyn Mayer).
  • The title is based on the song by 70's one-hit wonder band Focus, Hocus Pocus.


  • It was revealed the short blue fish with a red swimming suit's name is Charlie.
  • It was revealed that Tom has a son. His son is the same boy who was called "Timmy" in "SquidBob TentaclePants."
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Magic. The first time was in "Wishing You Well."
  • This episode parodies levels in role-playing games twice- once when SpongeBob says "I really am a level 10 wizard!” after "turning Squidward into an ice cream cone", and secondly after addressing himself as a level 1 wizard to "Mister Magic".
  • In the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick go down a checkered road. This is a spoof of the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz.
  • Another reference to the Wizard of Oz is the "fish behind the curtain".
  • When the big guy (Frank) slips on the ice cream, how does it return to normal after he slips?
  • And how does a nose-like shape appear on the ice cream after it gets knocked out of Timmy's hand?
  • It is unknown if SpongeBob kept his magic tricks throughout the series, but it's possible because Patrick was his former self in another episode and not a large jar of mayo.
  • How could Patrick eat himself as a jar of mayo? They don't have mouths.
  • When Spongebob first recieves the magic kit, the box shows Mr. Magic's head surrounded by various magical items. Later, it only shows a simple drawing of a castle and Mr. Magic on the left side.


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