The Hockey Players in Krabs a la Mode


The Hockey Players in Chum Bucket Supreme

The Hockey Players just appear in the Episodes: Krabs a la Mode and Chum Bucket Supreme. In Krabs a la Mode, they play on the ice in the Krusty Krab/Krusty Krab Swimming Pool. In Chum Bucket Supreme, they play in the Chum Bucket.


Hockey Player: Hey, where'd the puck go? (SpongeBob squints his eyes to see Plankton carrying the patty)

SpongeBob: Holy shrimp! Plankton! (yells)

Plankton: I did it. I finally got a Krabby Patty. (SpongeBob puts his spatula down to block Plankton)

SpongeBob: Not quite, Plankton. You'll have to get past me, first.

Hockey Player: There it is. That little square guy has it.

Teammate: Get him. (SpongeBob tries to scurry but the hockey team tackles him. The other hockey player slapsticks the patty)

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