Gramma's Secret Recipe
Episode Number: 139a
Airdate: July 6, 2010
Season: Season 7
Previous Episode: Rodeo Daze
Next Episode: The Cent of Money

"Gramma's Secret Recipe" is an episode from Season 7.





Plankton pretends to be SpongeBob's great grandma to get the Krabby Patty formula.


  • This is the first appearance of Plankton's Grandma.
  • On the TV schedule, this episode is called "Grandma Plankton".
  • One of a few episodes where the title has little or nothing to do with the episode.
  • How is Plankton's grandma able to find her way into the safe?
  • SpongeBob calls "Grandma Plankton" his "Great Grandma-maw" and sometimes his "Double-G Grandma-maw".

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