The Good Noodle Board

The Good Noodle Board are for the Students in Mrs. Puff's classroom in Mrs. Puff's Boating School.

Stars for Good NoodlesEdit

  • Attendance
  • Penmanship
  • Basic Desk Sanitation
  • Advanced Desk Sanitation

SpongeBob has the most of the stars. He says that he has 74, but only 25 are seen. SpongeBob nearly gets a star taken off the board by Mrs. Puff, but at the end of the episode he gets it back. On the Good Noodle Board, SpongeBob has 25, Lloyd has 2, Sheila and Horace have one, Paco has 3, and Debbie has 4. Though, during one part of the episode you can see the name "Rich" on the board then it dissapears. The Good Noodle Board isn't seen in any other Episode.

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