Good Neighbors
Episode No.: 64b
Airdate: 20.5.2005
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: Skill Crane
Next Episode: Selling Out

"Good Neighbors" is an episode from Season 4






SpongeBob and Patrick create a "Good Neighbors Club" and they make Squidward president. Squidward wants to relax, so he tells SpongeBob and Patrick to paint all the trees in the neighborhood polka dots. Spongebob and Patrick call themselves "Good neighbors" annoying Squidward. SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally get paint on Squidward's face, and he runs outside where a passing car takes Squidward to the hospital, thinking he is sick. Later, he comes home and finds out that SpongeBob and Patrick took his Sunday Pedicure and foot massage. When Squidward wants his feet rubbed, the hour is up. He gets mad and kicks them out of his house. He sees an ad in the newspaper for a Security System. He gets it and turns it on. SpongeBob and Patrick bring Squidward a cake, and Squidward says that SpongeBob and Patrick are threats, but the machine says "No Threat Detected." Squidward punches the machine, and the machine says Squidward is a threat. Squidward was kicked out of his house, and his house starts to destroy the town. SpongeBob and Patrick turn the security system off, and Squidward's House falls on him. The episode ends with Squidward looking crazy. However, what happens? In order to pay off the damages done to Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward have to do community service every Sunday for the rest of their lives. Ironically, they do not have to in the rest of the episodes.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The fez hats that SpongeBob and Patrick both wear are similar to the ones in the Thing-Thing Arena online game, where the main character battles unintelligent brown beans wearing the same kind of hats.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick make a direct reference to the All Seeing Eye while Squidward is being inaugurated as the president of the Good Neighbor Lodge.


  • This is the second time that SpongeBob and Patrick baked another apology cake for Squidward, the first cake was baked in episode Squidville.
  • This is the first Season 4 episode not to have Mr. Krabs in it. (the first 6 episodes featured him).
  • In the episode Can You Spare a Dime? Squidward says that he is allergic to newspaper. In this episode SpongeBob and Patrick gives Squidward his Sunday newspaper.
  • SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward do not appear doing community service on later episodes that take place all Sunday. It could be possible that they no longer have to do it because in the next episode Bikini Bottom is back to normal.
  • When Squidward is in bed, he is wearing pink pajamas. Then after he yells at SpongeBob saying today is Sunday, and he kicks SpongeBob right out of the house, he pokes out and we briefly see him wearing his brown shirt, but then when we see a close up of him, he is wearing his pink pajamas.
  • Squidward told them to paint the town polka dot, but he never told them what color should they paint.
  • When Squidward relaxes at the end, he is past the houses, but when his house is put back, Squidward is put back between the houses.
  • In the German version when Squidward says that it is nearly 12 the clock shows that it is already 12.
  • This is the second time when Squidward is wearing a purple robe from I Was a Teenage Gary.
  • This Is The First Episode Where SpongeBob Got Filled Up With Paint The Second Was In House Fancy.


Episode Transcript: Good Neighbors

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