Giant Squidward
Episode No.: 107a
Airdate: 3.6.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Sun Bleached
Next Episode: No Nose Knows

"Giant Squidward" is an episode from Season 6.





Squidward is spraying his kelp garden with Kelp Grow when Patrick starts eating the kelp. Then, Patrick gets an ice cream and Squidward sprays it with Kelp Grow. SpongeBob and Patrick eat the ice cream and take the Kelp Grow from Squidward. SpongeBob then does 'good deeds' and accidentally sprays Squidward's nose in the process. Squidward then demands that his nose should be normal. Patrick tells SpongeBob to spray his nose upside-down, but it just gets bigger. SpongeBob then sprays the rest of Squidward's body and transforms into a giant Squidward. SpongeBob and Patrick start running after trying to play "Giant Lumbering Monster Tag" with Squidward and they pretend to scream in the game which makes the Bikini Bottomites think that Squidward is chasing them. Then an angry mob surrounds Squidward. Then, a little boy comes out of the crowd and says he could be nice. So, Squidward starts to do nice things. After a person sneezes, they all get mad because Squidward didn't say "bless you'. Then, Squidward hides, but he was found and said he was just a lamp post. Squidward then goes to a sand hill. He then starts crying, and SpongeBob and Patrick make him a giant clarinet, but he goes back to normal size. He then goes back to his kelp garden, but it was gone. SpongeBob and Patrick said the giant clarinet was made from his kelp garden. Squidward then gets mad and chases SpongeBob and Patrick.


  • Mark Fite guest voices.
  • Things Squidward does for people:
    • Compliment an ugly hairdo
    • Let campers sleep in his toenails
    • Take someone to the top of Mt. Humongous
    • Feed a snail
    • Teach Harold's grandmother how to read
    • Start a blimp business
    • Dust Nat's attic
    • Do a citizen's homework
  • Giant Squidward is an illusion to Flying SpongeBob, he originally does favors for people using his superpower, but then turns into ridiculous things like doing homework, help with plants etc.
  • Squidward is tied down by an angry mob, a reference to Gulliver's Travels
  • When Squidward's individual body parts are being grown, he looks horriffic, but when he grows even larger, he is back to normal.

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