Gary Takes a Bath
Episode No.: 33b
Airdate: March 9, 2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Shanghaied
Next Episode: Welcome to the Chum Bucket

"Gary Takes a Bath" is an episode from Season 2.



5:00 - Bath time




It is Gary's bath-time, but he is too lazy to take a bath. SpongeBob thinks of ways to get Gary to come to the bath. He pretends to be a pirate and leads him to the bathroom. Then he tries to get Gary in the tub, but he doesn't succeed in throwing Gary in the tub because of his slimy skin. Finally SpongeBob absorbs the bathwater and chases Gary around, trying to wash him, but eventually gets stuck on a tree. SpongeBob falls off the tree and gets covered in mud, and Gary makes him take a bath.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • It is also somewhat similar to Martin Stellman's Dor Queen and Country. As Denzel Washington's character, Reuben James, turned vigilant to clean up his crime-infested neighborhood in London which he did as he would walk off into the night, SpongeBob tried anything to get Gary clean but he ends up getting dirtier and has to take a bath instead.


  • This episode is not on Nick UK. It was banned. But after 7 years on October 31, 2008 this episode was aired in the UK along with episode Shanghaied.
  • This episode runs 6 minutes and about 30 seconds long. It was the third episode running less than 11 minutes. The first two were the episodes: Help Wanted and Reef Blower.
  • Despite the title, Gary never actually takes a bath.
  • This is the only episode that had only one voice actor; which was Tom Kenny.
  • When SpongeBob hands Gary the soap and the duck, and after he says "I don't know what a snail would want with a brooch!", in the next shot the soap and the duck are gone.
  • It is later revealed that SpongeBob's room is on a 3rd floor.
  • This is the first time we see a tree outside SpongeBob's house.
  • This episode shows that Gary has psychic powers, since Gary can teleport out of SpongeBob's hands.
  • On this episode when SpongeBob plays leap frog with Gary and launches him to the bathroom it shows the bathroom on the bottom level of the house but it is revealed further in the episode that it is on the second level of the house.
  • When SpongeBob is talking to Gary about the buried treasure, in the house they are in a room with a metal background but when it has a closeup on the map there is a bamboo background.
  • This episode aired in 2001 but was not seen again until 2003.
  • It was almost banned in the United States because the hillbilly-like girl that appears in the beginning of the episode could be frightening to younger children. But, the episode didn't get banned for unknown reasons
  • The hillbilly girl was Censored in Mexico