Fungus Among Us
Episode No.: 83c
Airdate: 29.9.2007
Season: Season 5
Previous Episode: Waiting
Next Episode: Spy Buddies

"Fungus Among Us" is an episode from Season 5.





Gary is hungry and his food bowl is empty. He wakes up SpongeBob for his breakfast, and SpongeBob gives him Organic Healthy Snail Food, but Gary blows a raspberry and complains to SpongeBob about it. Soon, he finds a thing called The Ick and takes a bite. SpongeBob is angry with Gary when he realizes Gary is a picky eater and shoos Gary away from the ick. Soon, Patrick comes to SpongeBob and tries to help him get the ick off. Soon, SpongeBob cannot wash off the ick. SpongeBob goes to the Krusty Krab and tries to hide the Ick in his cap. Soon, it goes on his nose, then his arms, then his entire body. Squidward is terrified of SpongeBob's ick, and he calls the S.W.A.T. Team, where they arrive immediately and take him home. SpongeBob wipes off his head which drops a spark of green ick on Squidward. When Squidward touches Old Man Jenkins' hand at the register for the change, Old Man Jenkins gets the green ick on his nose. Soon, Squidward is panicked about the green ick on his nose. Back at home, SpongeBob wakes up where the SWAT team has placed him in a bubble to help get the green ick off and Gary is trapped in a bubble too. Patrick comes over and SpongeBob tells him to be careful but Patrick asks to play a game of "Pirate Wrestling" and SpongeBob agress but it destroys his bubble. Back at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is worried that SpongeBob is not flipping the Krabby Patties, and Squidward is driven to the kitchen. Squidward spreads the green ick to the Krabby Patties and French fries. After Squidward gives the customers the ick-contaminated food, the fish get a green ick on their skin. Back at the pineapple, Patrick pops SpongeBob's bubble but blows him back a new bubble, which makes SpongeBob think that he can go back to work at the Krusty Krab. All the fish are angry when the green ick infects them and blames Krabs. Mr. Krabs blames Squidward, then Squidward blames SpongeBob, and everybody tries to destroy SpongeBob's bubble. Gary manages to get to the Krusty Krab by the garbage but not before the entire bubble explodes and everybody is now covered in green ick infecting their skin. Soon, Gary eats all the green ick away! Mr. Krabs makes a $5.00 plus Krabby Patties charge to get the green ick eaten away. SpongeBob's green ick is now gone and everybody has their green ick away making the Krusty Krab back to normal.


  • When SpongeBob opens the door, he is not wearing his underwear anymore and now his SquarePants.
  • The green form is similar to the Kelp Shake reaction in Best Frenemies.
  • After everyone, was de-icked (Did not see that happen) it is possible that Mr. Krabs had thousands more dollars in his pocket.
  • SpongeBob was wiped the fungus off the floor, then he started to scratch his head and the fungus only appeared on his head but not on his hands.
  • The scientist from this episode has the same voice actor as Dr. Gill Gilliam.
  • "ick" is a real fungal infection which is highly dangerous to pet fish.
  • It is naturally impossible for something to be flicked off than come back especially bigger. This is what happened to SpongeBob while at the Krusty Krab.
  • Couldn't SpongeBob just pull the giant mountain of ick off his head or pry it off?
  • Even though it is mentioned in the title, the word "fungus" is not mentioned. Fungus is referred to as "the ick".
  • How did the "ick" get on SpongeBob if he didn't touch it with his hand? He wiped it (or tried to), but didn't touch it with his bare hands!
  • This episode was hidden on the first airing pretending to be Drake and Josh. Nick also did not mention airing the episode.
  • SpongeBob was at gigantic size when he enters the Krusty Krab in his mobile bubble, but when the bubble pops, he shrunk back to his normal size.

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