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Spongebob Squarepants

Squidward Tenticals

Driver 1 (Fred)

Driver 2 (Halbert)

Dialogue (Its a silent episode however)Edit

(After Help Wanted finishes the episode card comes up with no breaks. The song Leef Blower - The Blue Hawaiians plays and the episode starts.) 

(Squidward comes out of his house and straightens his flower)

(He looks at his perfectly clean lawn and stops when he finds a shell. Angry he goes and inspects it then acting casual he "accidently" kicks it to Spongebob's lawn.)

(Spongebob opens the window squeezing out to see the shell on the lawn then goes and slides to the garage) 

(He is seen coming out of the garage with a Reef Blower turned on.) (Squidward is annoyed by this and plugs his ears so he can't hear).

(Spongebob blows the shell but floats back down. He tries again but floats back down. He tries once more but takes some sand with him which lands on Squidward who is eating)

(Spongebob notices this and rushes to help Squidward and blows the sand off him. He sees his lunch is turned into a leaf)

(Spongebob picks the leaf up and blows it into Squidwards face which make his eyes water then blows into his eyes)

(Spongebob finds a sand pile and the word You! come up) (He rushes to the pile and sets the machine to reverse and sucks the sand up)

(His machine malfunctions and parts come out. He unzips and puts the parts back in while the Reef Blower is coughing then zips it up again).

(Spongebob tries to pull the cord to work it but it fails. He tries again pulling it really really far.)

(He lets go and it goes past a intersection where Fred and Halbert are driving, Then past some houses into the Reef Blower where Spongebob's house is.)

(It sucks the entire of the sea causing Squidward to struggle to breath.)

(The Reef Blower is huge and blows up filling the sea and adds sand to Squidwards lawn) (Spongebob comes out from one of the piles and smiles to his clean lawn as he goes into his house).

(Squidward is shown with sand piles on him. The shell comes down and lands on his nose. He sighs and cuts to black)

(The episodes finishes and commercial breaks begin)

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