Enchanted Tiki Dreams
Episode: 145b
Airdate: June 19, 2010
Season: Season 8
Prevous Episode: Buried in Time
Next Episode: The Abrasive Side

"Enchanted Tiki Dreams" is an episode from   season 8.                                                              




Time CardsEdit

  • One Extremely Annoying Shift Later...


Squidward is extremely annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick's games. Now he wants to live in a world where he can relax in peace, so SpongeBob and Patrick build a tiki world for him and he starts to like it, until Patrick accidentally tips over the tikis and destroys the world. Squidward comes up with an idea to make his dreams last, a swingset with his tiki boat, with SpongeBob and Patrick taking turns being hit by it.


  • The eel looks similar to the eel in Walking Small.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick built the Enchanted Tiki Island with power tools:
    • Waterfalls: pipes
    • World: a painting
    • Tikis: carved wood
  • Why didn't the wood rot underwater?
  • What made the island stay up that long if nothing was keeping it together?
  • Squidward paints a beautiful landscape of his Tiki-Land, but it doesn't make sense because he was only given red paint, yet he was able to make a rainbow.
  • Squidward's bed does not have the canopy on top in this episode

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